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Chinese tourists flocking to Osaka’s Tobita Shinchi

Friday July 31
Friday July 31
“In days past, Chinese tourists would come with the intention of only going window shopping,” a writer covering the fuzoku (sex-related) trade tells weekly tabloid Friday (July 31).

The scribe is discussing the brothel area of Tobita Shinchi, an area in Osaka that consists of alleys of brightly litryotei structures. In the first-floor doorway of each establishment sits a woman attired in revealing clothing. Next to her is an elderly female proprietor who verbally solicits clients.

And many visitors from the Communist nation are taking the ladies up on their offers; in fact, they are arriving to this mostly rundown section of Nishinari Ward by the busload.

“They are arranging tour operators so they can come in groups to get their rocks off,” continues the writer. “This started four or five years ago, and lately they have been riding up in small vans. Of course, there are some establishments for which Chinese tourists are banned, but since they come as a group and stay longer the working girls view them favorably.”

It is complicated; many men from China simultaneously adore and — due to Japan’s wartime aggression — despise Japanese women. It would seem, however, that the former wins out more times than not, according to the magazine.

“Since top-class girls are assembled in Tobita, Chinese men can attain a desired prize that was once beyond one’s reach — a Shangri-La,” adds the aforementioned writer.

Plus, there is the provision of honban, or full sex, which is not a given in Japan.

During a recent visit to the district, a writer for Friday spotted about eight Chinese tourists gathered in a parking lot. Just after hearing instructions from the tour coordinator, they ventured out into the streets of Tobita, pausing occasionally in front one ryotei or another.

A Tobita working gal says that most Japanese customers are in and out in 15 minutes (10,000 yen). However, Chinese visitors, as the aforementioned fuzoku writer alluded to, opt to extend their sessions for 30 minutes. Though it may seem otherwise, the inability to communicate in Chinese (or Japanese) is not an issue.

“We cannot communicate in English either,” she says. “But that is fine. If there is any time remaining after a session, he leaves the room because there is nothing to be said. Such a customer is a breeze.”

Two years ago, weekly tabloid Shukan Jitsuwa reported on the popularity of uncensored adult video (AV) films in the nearby Nipponbashi district with Chinese tourists. Such an interest has its consequences.

“Up until recently, Chinese customers would secretly remove the condom and, as if performing in an AV film, shoot on the girl’s face,” continues the Tobita prostitute. “But nowadays the coordinator advises against such behavior.”

Friday’s reporter wound up spending five days in Tobita Shinchi. He did not encounter a tour van but he says he observed more than 100 Chinese tourists. After enjoying a session at a ryotei, each member of a group would later rendezvous at a local takoyaki shop for grilled octopus and beer.

Source: “Osaka Tobita Shinji ni Chugokujin Tsuaa ‘boku buki-dan’ ga tojo!” Friday (July 31, page 28)