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Journalist meets Mitsu Dan, aggravates hernia

Shukan Asahi Aug. 30
Shukan Asahi Aug. 30
Mitsu Dan’s rise to super stardom began in earnest last November with the release of her film debut “Be My Slave,” an SM flick in which she stars as a seemingly conservative office lady at a publishing firm who takes a carnal interest in a new male employee.

Since then, the 32-year-old, who started in the entertainment business as a gravure (pin-up) model, has appeared regularly on variety programs, posed for a number of weekly magazines, and penned a number of books.

Dan can now add “reopening old wounds” to her resume. After she engaged in a discussion with political journalist Soichiro Tahara (@namatahara) for a feature to appear in tabloid Shukan Asahi on July 30, the writer aggravated a hernia for which he had previously been hospitalized.

In an entry on his Twitter account dated July 31, the 79-year-old Tahara wrote: “Perhaps because I was so excited to see Mitsu Dan that I ended up bleeding through my sutures.”

The Aug. 30 issue of the magazine postulates that the cause of the bleeding was due excessive stress placed upon his system after he playfully suggested to Dan, who was attired in a kimono, that they dine together. Though a more significant factor might have been his refusal to reduce his work load.

Tahara had been hospitalized for a hernia operation between July 16 and 19. During this time, the journalist continued to work, appearing on television and engaging in meetings.

“Because he is impatient, he wanted to return (to work) soon,” a spokesperson from Tahara’s agency told Nikkan Sports (Aug. 2). “He didn’t follow doctor’s orders.”

Following the aggravation, he was hospitalized again, this time for six days. During this period, Tahara reportedly worked for only a short time.

In a later tweet, Tahara praised Dan for not flattering a media figure. “It was a job well done,” he wrote.

“I received the impression that he is a gentle man,” said the actress after the discussion. (A.T.)

Source: “Dan Mitsu wo nampa shita ato nyuin shita Tahara Soichiro meromeroppuri ha honto datta?” Shukan Asahi (Aug. 30)