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Australian woman airs executive’s dirty laundry after sugar daddy sojourn sours

TOKYO (TR) – Prime Laundry Solutions Llp operates Japan’s largest chain of laundromats. It is a subsidiary of washer and dryer retailer Daiwa Corporation, Ltd.

For fiscal year 2018, Prime Laundry Solution’s coin-operated machines at its 268 outlets nationwide racked up 5.9 billion yen in sales.

However, it was the president of the firm who wound up fluffed and folded after a relationship with an Australian woman went south over the past year, reports weekly tabloid Shukan Bunshun (July 15).

Going by the pseudonym “Sara,” the woman, 25, says that she met 58-year-old Seshiro Miyazono via a site for foreigners interested in papakatsu, or a sugar daddy relationship, in April of last year.

“A physical relationship”

Their first date was dinner and then a trip to a hotel in Shinjuku Ward. “How about 100,000 yen for sex,” he apparently offered, according to Sara. Thereafter, they met once a week at 50,000 yen per session.

At some point, Sara became involved with another Japanese man. As a result, she tried to cut off relations with Miyazono.

But Miyazono had taken a sexually explicit video of Sara during their relationship. He allegedly sent the footage to the other Japanese man via direct message on Instagram.

Shukan Bunshun July 15

“I was caring about you”

Via the chat app Line, Miyazono wrote to her, “I was repeatedly warning you [to] not cheat because I was hurt by my ex-wife. You say I said it’s Ok for you [to] date with someone else. Yes it was Ok [if] you tell me so and leave me alone. I have never told you cheating is Ok.”

He went on, “You know how much I was caring about you and trusting you. I’m barely sleeping these days. It was [a] very difficult decision to do this but I felt I have to end this and you lying [to] him and me.”

After consulting with a lawyer, Sara lodged a complaint with the Kitazawa Police Station on February 15. On May 10, police sent Miyazono to prosecutors on suspicion of making threats. The case is still under investigation.

“I do not accept interviews”

When reached by telephone by a reporter for the magazine, Miyazono denied engaging in papakatsu.

“I do not accept interviews,” he said in response to a query about threatening Sara.

A lawyer later wrote to the magazine, “Since we are in the middle of a criminal procedure, we will refrain from answering [questions]. We cannot accept any interviews.”