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Oita: Teacher concealed smartphone in slipper to film girl during class

OITA (TR) – A male teacher at a public middle school has been dismissed after he was found to have taken illicit footage of a female student last month, the board of education said on Tuesday, reports
NHK (Dec. 24).

According to the Oita Prefectural Board of Education, the teacher, aged in his 50s, used a smartphone concealed inside a slipper to take tosatsu (or voyeur) footage up the girl’s skirt during class.

In performing the act, the teacher pointed the lens of the camera through the open toe area of the slipper.

“I have been doing this for several years,” the teacher confessed during an investigation into the matter, the board said.

The Oita Board of Education on Tuesday apologized after the dismissal of a male teacher (Twitter)

In a separate case, another male teacher, aged in his 20s and working at the same middle school, carried out acts deemed obscene with a female pupil on several occasions in October.

During an investigation into the matter, the second teacher said, “I became intimate [with her] after exchanging messages via a social-networking service.”

The board dismissed both teachers on Monday.

“These are acts that should not have been done,” said the deputy director of the board during a press conference on Tuesday. “We would like to apologize to the affected students, their parents and the citizens of the prefecture.”