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Cops KO pro boxer for touting hostess clubs during massive Kabukicho sweep

Pro boxer KO'd, picked up by cops for touting hostess clubs during massive Kabukicho sweep
Atsuhiro Yamamoto
TOKYO (TR) – In a sweep of Tokyo’s red-light district of Kabukicho between Monday and Thursday, officers from the Tokyo Metropolitan police arrested a professional boxer for causing a public nuisance, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Oct. 26).

Officers from the peace preservation division took Atsuhiro Yamamoto, 22, and eight other suspects into custody for aggressively touting for hostess clubs in the streets of Kabukicho — a violation of a Tokyo ordinance regarding bothersome behavior.

“I wanted to play in Tokyo, and I saw on the Internet that recruitment for touting was taking place,” said the super-featherweight, who currently holds a 5-5 win-lose record.

The suspect is alleged to have followed a 40-year-old male office worker for approximately 40 meters while loudly declaring that he could offer him a very cheap hostess club.

Law enforcement also raided a hostess club for unlawfully employing Chinese women — in violation of refugee statutes — and two shops for selling uncensored adult video DVDs, which violates a law regarding the unauthorized creation of electromagnetic materials for the purpose of sale or ownership.

Fuji News Network reports that a total of 14 suspects were arrested during the four-day crackdown.

東京・歌舞伎町で違法客引き行為など一斉取り締まり 14人逮捕