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Nagasaki assemblywoman accuses male colleague of indecent assault

Yuki Irie
Yuki Irie

NAGASAKI (TR) – Yuki Irie, a 73-year-old assemblywoman in Tsushima City, is demanding that a male colleague resign after accusing him of indecent assault, it was learned on Wednesday, reports Nippon News Network (Jan. 6).

According to a complaint filed with police, Hatsuyuki Daibu, 66, is alleged to have grabbed Irie’s breasts and attempted to remove her underwear inside a hotel in Kumamoto Prefecture on October 26.

The incident took place during a fact-finding visit. After a dinner event, Daibu and Irie retreated to a room in the hotel. Once inside, Daibu pulled her arm and got on top of her. During the scuffle, Irie’s yukata robe opened such that her breasts became exposed, according to J-Cast (Jan. 7).

“20 assemblymen have wanted to fondle your chest, but I will be the first to do so,” Daibu allegedly said before lifting her bra. The assemblyman is also alleged to have repeatedly probed the lower half of her body with his fingers.

Daibu admitted afterwards to cordially touching her shoulder. “But it was a humorous act to liven things up,” he said.

Irie is demanding that Daibu resign from his post. “I will not allow for this kind of thing to pass,” the assemblywoman said. “I want him to take complete responsibility as a lawmaker.”

During a telephone conversation with Nippon News Network on Wednesday, Daibu denied the claims of sexual harassment. He said that he assisted Irie who had fallen after they had both been drinking.

“I lifted her up,” the assemblyman said. “To say that I touched her chest, that is not right. I will fight this accusation.”