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Arrest of former Yamaguchi-gumi member stirring entertainment world

Arrest of former Yamaguchi-gumi member stirring entertainment world
Police arrested a gangster for attempting to defraud investors out of 300 million yen
TOKYO (TR) – The arrest earlier this month of a former Yamaguchi-gumi member for investment fraud is setting off shock waves inside the entertainment industry, reports Nikkan Gendai (Dec. 23).

Officers took Tatsuro Kikutsugi, 46, into custody for attempting to defraud investors out of roughly 300 million yen in an investment scheme related to a water supply and mining venture.

Police from nine municipalities, including Osaka and Aomori, made 32 arrests in total. Kikutsugi was deemed the mastermind of the plan.

To the entertainment world, however, the arrest of the former gangster, who was once married to gravure idol Risa Honda, is of crucial importance for another matter entirely: Kikutsugi is said to have participated in an incident that resulted in bodily harm at an illegal gambling establishment in Tokyo’s Nishi Azabu district.

“Those involved in the trouble were associated with an underground casino, which on the surface appeared to be legally run, much like those in Korea,” says a person with knowledge of the matter. “Celebrities routinely came and went at that establishment.”

The source says police have seized the customer list.

“In order to track the money flow,” the person continues, “police have been monitoring Kikutsugi’s activities carefully. Eventually, he will be transferred to the Metropolitan Police Department and questioned regarding the casino incident.”

In light of the anti-gangster legislation passed in October, names on the client list are being speculated. Rumors are circulating that a singer, golfer, and former sumo wrestler are included.