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Trends in Tokyo hooking tended toward extremes in 2013

Kiyohide Kuroda
Kiyohide Kuroda

For Tokyo’s commercial sex industry, Nikkan Gendai (Jan. 1) says that 2013 was a year of extremes: Law enforcement targeted prostitution services featuring women of great girth and advanced age.

On July 16, officers took the manager of club Max Body, Keiko Saito, 41, and one other employee into custody for allegedly offering sexual services in violation of the Anti-Prostitution Law.

“After the bust, things tailed off a bit, which makes sense,” says a tout working in the metropolis. “But it wasn’t long before the market picked up again.”

Of the 31 women enrolled at the club, whose ages ranged between 20 and 53, the heaviest weighed in at 155 kilograms, while another, tipping the scales at 80 kilograms, is actively employed as an adult video (AV) actress. The average weight of the ladies was 100 kilograms.

“The majority of the customers with a debu sen fetish are skinny guys,” says AV writer Kazuo Kajiyama in referring to clubs featuring heavy women. “In recent years, it has been pensioners seeking this type of action. For them, large-sized women are capable of providing a healing sensation.”

According to Nikkan Gendai, interest in heavy hookers was a bright spot in an industry still hard hit by deflationary price trends.

Rates at Max Body started at 12,000 yen for the first 60 minutes. “That rate is still 7,000 yen less than before,” says Kajiyama.

Club Silk dispatched women to hotel rooms
Club Silk dispatched women to hotel rooms

According to Kajiyama, the gal will wrap and rub the guy’s penis with her blubber until ejaculation. The gals also sit on the faces of their customers, nearly to the point of suffocation.

“They enjoy the sense of dizziness,” says writer Taizo Ebina, who covers the fuzoku trade, which is commercial sex. “Also popular is strolling out in public on the way to a love hotel. People will stare with a look of curiosity in seeing a skinny guy with an extremely fat gal. It gives these guys a sense of superiority.”

Elderly women also proved to be appealing in the Year of the Snake.

On June 26, officers arrested the 63-year-old manager of club Silk, Kazuko Suwa, and one other employee for dispatching a woman, 64, to supply sexual services to an 82-year-old man at a hotel in Tokyo, which, again, is a violation of the law prohibiting prostitution.

Dubbed “super senior,” the club was staffed by 16 women, whose ages range between 46 and 73. The average age was 63.

This was not first bust of such an operation. (Tokyo cops had previously cited promiscuity club Kairakukukan in February.) Nor was it the last.

On October 8, officers arrested Kiyohide Kuroda, the 70-year-old manager of club San Ai (Three Loves) after a 67-year-old male office worker allegedly met a female (65) at a coffee shop in Shinjuku Ward for illicit activities deemed to be prostitution services by police.

Over a 10-year-period, the manager placed daily advertisements in the Tokyo Shimbun newspaper and two other publications seeking men and women interested in meeting up for tea.

‘Mature’ prostitutes a target of police in 2013

“In order to give the impression that the service was not an adult-entertainment club, we were said to be ‘introducing tea-drinking companions,’” Kuroda was quoted by police. “I thought people seeking prostitution would understand the real meaning.”

Three Loves, based in Katsushika Ward’s Shin Koiwa area, had 1,000 men and 350 women registered as members. The females were typically around 60 years of age with the most senior member being 82.

“The place had a great reputation for those seeking women in their 70s,” says the aforementioned tout, who adds that many of the hookers are former employees at soapland bathhouses or housewives seeking additional income.

The tout tells Nikkan Gendai that the appeal of older women is largely based on fetishes for body shapes (droopy breasts, for example) and smells. Further, when it comes to sex, the fragility of bones is a consideration as far as positioning.

“For guys who do not possess such interests it just doesn’t work out,” says the tout.

Source: “Tekihatsu sarete mo kyakuashi ochinai ‘debusen’ ‘cho jukujo’ no miryoku,” Nikkan Gendai (Jan. 1, page 42)