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Third arrest might mean prison for AV actress Minako Komukai

Shukan Shincho Feb. 19
Shukan Shincho Feb. 19
On February 6, officers from the narcotics drugs control division of the Kanto-Shinetsu Regional Bureau of Health and Welfare arrested adult video actress (AV) Minako Komukai after finding 0.1 grams of stimulant drugs in her apartment in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward.

The actress, 29, was uneasy on her feet when she was taken into custody. She has reportedly admitted to the allegations.

This is Komukai’s third arrest on drug charges over the past six years. Thus far, she has avoided prison, but, according to weekly Shukan Shincho (Feb. 19), it may be different this time.

“Since (her previous) suspended sentence has lapsed, there is a small chance that she will be sentenced to prison for possession of 0.1 grams of stimulant drugs,” Masaru Wakasa, a former deputy director of special investigations at the Tokyo District Court, tells the magazine. “However, if a subsequent urine analysis reveals usage of stimulant drugs or she is charged with possession of other illegal substances the chances will increase.”

In 2009, the Tokyo District Court handed Komukai a guilty verdict and prison sentence of 18 months, suspended for three years. After her arrest two years later, she was not prosecuted due to a lack of evidence.

Not long after her second arrest, Komukai made her AV debut for label Alice Japan.

Shukan Shincho wonders what kind of prison treatment awaits the AV actress.

“For use by women only, there are seven penitentiaries nationwide,” says Toshio Matsumoto, a former prison guard and author of a number of books on the death penalty and prison life. “Whether one is sentenced to three months or life in prison, the facilities are the same. With her arrest being in Tokyo, it is likely that Komukai would be sent to the Tochigi Penitentiary.”

At the AV Open 2014 award ceremonies last year, Komukai took the Grand Prix award for her appearance in a release by label Moodyz, an installment in an ongoing series in which she seemingly worked her tail off, as the title reveals.

If a prison stint is in the cards for Komukai, she will also have an opportunity to work, albeit in a far different trade.

“She’ll wake at 6:40 a.m.,” says Matsumoto. “Then, from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., she’ll earn between five and 80 yen per hour at a factory making dresses.”

Matsumoto says that a leisure period exists between 7:00 and 9:00 p.m., during which time the inmates often openly chat among themselves.

Minako Komukai
Minako Komukai
“Inmates doing time for the same crime tend to congregate together,” says the writer. “Those convicted of stimulant drug charges will then talk about using. Once per month they’ll watch a video on quitting stimulant drugs, but the results of that are usually nil.”

Many of the inmates incarcerated for drugs — who comprise 40 percent of the female prison population — suffer from withdrawal symptoms and experience hallucinations. But the magazine is more interested in the possibility of lesbian liaisons.

“There are a lot of love triangles that turn into nasty brawls in which a pair of scissors is used to stab one of the three women,” says Matsumoto.

Receiving emotional consolation is generally limited, but, the writer says, guards will often overlook male visitors holding hands with female inmates during visitations.

“In the evening, those inmates look especially happy,” says Matsumoto.

Last Friday, Moodyz released Komukai’s latest film. Shukan Shincho wonders how a prison stint may influence any future performances by the actress.

Source: “Mata yakubutsu taiho! ‘Komukai Minako’ wo machiukeru joshi keimusho no 24-jikan,” Friday (Feb. 19)