Actress Minako Komukai issued arrest warrant for drugs, flees country

Flower and Snake 3 (花と蛇3)
‘Flower and Snake 3’ (花と蛇3)
TOKYO (TR) – The organized crime division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police yesterday issued a warrant for the arrest of gravure idol and actress Minako Komukai for violation of the Stimulant Control Law, reports the Mainichi Shimbun (Feb. 9).

Investigators today revealed that she has fled the country. This is her second drug violation.

Wire service Jiji reports that Komukai, 25, is accused of purchasing stimulants last summer from an Iranian drug ring in Tokyo. One member of the group, who was arrested in October, confessed that she was a regular customer.

Her Twitter account stopped being updated on Jan. 14. The site The Real Live Web notes that one of her last public appearances included AV production company Soft On Demand’s porn awards show on December 18. She was also seen with director Takeshi Kitano on his TBS variety show 11 days later.

Last year, the actress starred in the SM pic “Hana to Hebi 3” (Flower and Snake 3).

Komukai was previously arrested for use of stimulants in January 2009. She was later handed an 18-month sentence that was suspended for three years.

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  1. I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that hana to hebi movie is considerably controversal. Less we forget Japan is still a conservative country. What would be more devistating then to have a actress or j-pop proformer that break the mold then to have a (not the j-pop group)?

    Or perhaps she made a certain someone upset? Someone with enough pull in entertainment . Not to say she hadn’t taken drugs, but she may have done so for some time. That person knew of it and when he or she didn’t get what they wanted well…

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