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Memoir by ex-AV actress Nayuka Mine tells of industry’s taboos

Nayuka Mine (Tokyo Sports)
Nayuka Mine (Tokyo Sports)
TOKYO (TR) – A former adult video starlet has penned a book which she claims offers a unique look inside the industry, reports Tokyo Sports (Sept. 27).

At a special autograph event held on Saturday in Akihabara, Chiyoda Ward, Nayuka Mine (@minenayuka) said her new book “The Sexy Actress Slightly Censored” contains things people don’t know about the underside of the AV business.

“From the salaries of the actresses to the making of an ejaculation that originates off camera to how to speak with your parents (about your profession),” said Mine.

As an example, Mine, 29, regaled the audience with the problems that resulted during the shooting of one film in which five actresses, not including herself, were required to perform shiofuki, or female ejaculation.

“They drank six liters of Poccari Sweat,” said the ex-AV actress, referring to the popular sports drink. “But they all became sick, collapsed, and were rushed out by ambulance.”

Released on September 20 by Futabasha Publishers, the 144-page book is a manga comic illustrated by Mine, whose drawings include detailed information, such as the appropriate distance between the chin of the actress and tip of the penis (20 centimeters) during a hand-job session.

The Sexy Actress Slightly Censored
‘The Sexy Actress Slightly Censored’
As well as being an author, Mine appears on television. She currently stars with gravure idol Mitsu Dan on the TV Tokyo drama “Girls Around 30 Uncensored.”

During her four-year career, Mine, who made her AV debut in 2005 with label K.M. Produce, was known for her large, H-cup chest. She portrayed everything from a soapland masseuse to a huge-breasted waitress.

In 2006, she moved to Moodyz, where director Arara Kurosawa presided over her initial on-screen experience with facial ejaculation in “First Bukkake” in July. She was crowned as the label’s top actress during a ceremony six months later.

Though she has been out of the industry for five years, Mine is still able to engage in ample amounts of sexual activity with her boyfriend, who photographs the sessions.

“But he is terrible at holding the camera steady,” she said.