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Chiba cops: Drunk man assaults restaurant manager over ‘soft’ bento rice

A drunk man has been charged with assaulting the manager of a restaurant because the rice in his order was soft (

CHIBA (TR) – An intoxicated man allegedly assaulted the manager of a restaurant in Tateyama City after he became enraged over a take-out order in which “the rice was soft,” police said on Monday.

Shoji Sanpei, 51, was charged with punching and kicking the 36-year-old male manager of the family restaurant on Sunday night after summoning the victim to his home and forcing him to apologize, TV Asahi reports (Jan. 2).

Sanpei is partially denying the charges, telling police “there’s no mistake that I called him over, but I don’t remember kicking him and such because I was drunk.”

The manager suffered light injuries including a sprained neck from the assault, police said.

Sanpei became enraged and summoned the manager to his residence in the same city by saying “the rice in the bento [boxed meal] is soft,” police said.

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