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Chiba man accused of sexually abusing girl — and not for the first time

CHIBA (TR) – Chiba Prefectural Police have arrested a 56-year-old man over the alleged abduction and sexual abuse of a girl in Noda City, reports TBS News (April 14),

For Uchuta Suzuki, a 56-year-old company employee, it was not his first brush with the law.

In the latest case, Suzuki allegedly abducted the girl, aged in her teens, from a road in the prefecture into his vehicle and sexually abused her over a roughly 20-minute period starting at 5:30 p.m. on February 1.

Upon his arrest on suspicion of indecent assault and abduction for the purpose of obscenity, Suzuki admitted to the allegations, the Noda Police Station said.

Uchuta Suzuki (Twitter)

Suzuki was not acquainted with the girl. Prior to the incident, he called out to her from his vehicle as she commuted home. The suspect sexually abused her while she was seated in the passenger seat and he drove the vehicle. The girl later reported the incident to police.

The arrest is not the first arrest for Suzuki. In 2011, he was accused in two other cases.

In one case, he allegedly grabbed the bicycle basket of a high school girl, 17, as she pedaled to school in Noda in February and dragged her to the ground, where he fondled her chest and other parts of her body. He was accused of indecent assault.

The month before, he allegedly fondled the chest of a middle school girl, 13, as she pedaled a bicycle past him on a road in the city. He was accused of assault.