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JR East warns train driver for urinating from train

A view of train tracks at Sakura Station in Chiba Prefecture, where a driver reportedly urinated from his train on Monday (TBS News)

CHIBA (TR) – A male JR East train driver was removed from his post for urinating onto the tracks from a train that was stopped at a station, a company official told the Sankei Shimbun on Saturday (September 17).

The male driver in his 50s, who works for the Chiba branch of JR East, opened the train’s door opposite the platform when the train rolled into Sakura Station in Chiba Prefecture and urinated onto the tracks at around 5:15 p.m. on Monday, according to a passerby who alerted company officials.

The male driver told company officials he “didn’t want to delay the train by going to the bathroom. I’ve done this a couple times before.”

Officials said the train driver was removed from his position for training on appropriate public behavior.

The Chiba branch said its drivers are told to inform control room before going to restroom facilities on trains or at stations.

“We apologize for giving customers anxiety and violating their trust,” Chiba branch officials said. “We will train our employees to prevent future incidents.”

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