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Tokyo cops’ bust of ‘JK’ sniff parlor nothing to sneeze at

Officers seized a number of costumes, including school-girl uniforms and maid outfits
Officers seized a number of costumes, including school-girl uniforms and maid outfits
Over the past two years, Tokyo police have been active in raiding establishments coming under the designation “JK,” an abbreviation for joshi kosei, or high-school girl.

In offering massages, strolls and nap sessions, JK establishments have been under scrutiny due to the fact that the contact offered by the school-girl attendants to male customers is considered harmful under the law and can lead to prostitution.

According to Tokyo Sports (Oct. 19), police last Thursday uncovered a nationwide first in Takadanobaba: a sniff parlor — proof, says that paper, that operators are being pushed to the limit.

Officers took Keiten Izuchi, the 33-year-old manager of parlor Pure Doll JK Community, and one other employee into custody for allegedly employing minors in violation of labor laws.

“On October 2, a male customer is alleged to have smelled the body of a female attendant (aged 17) while attired in underwear, a service considered harmful to a minor under the law.”

Pure Doll JK Community, which opened in November of last year, operates out of a one-room apartment near JR Takadanobaba Station and actively promotes that it features underage females.

The establishment employs approximately 30 school girls, who will change into a number of costumes at the request of the customer. During the raid, officers seized a number of clothing items, including school-girl uniforms, gym clothes and maid outfits.

The menu for the establishment indicates that conversation is the basic service provided, priced at 4,000 yen for the first 30 minutes. However, options allow customers to select costumes, sniff the odor of the attendant’s hair (3,000 yen) and receive a slap in the face (1,000 yen).

In recent years, police have been cracking down on JK parlors in earnest in the Akihabara district and around JR Ikebukuro Station.

Izuchi admitted to the allegations, saying that he felt Takadanobaba, two stops from Ikebukuro on the Yamanote Line, would be off the radar of the police. (According to Tokyo Sports, the suspect enlisted the services of a lawyer to navigate what is considered a legal gray zone.)

However, the popularity of Pure Doll JK Community resulted in copycat operations. According to the aforementioned writer, the police advised Izuchi to shut the parlor down the day after the bust.

“In making the arrest, the police clearly were making a public example out of him,” the source says. (A.T.)

Source: “JK komyu hatsu tekihatsu 3000-en no ‘zenshin-kun-kun kosu’ to ha,” Tokyo Sports (Oct. 19)

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  1. Adieu Adieu November 27, 2014

    Master plan: openly rent out underage employees to aging pervs for vague, non-specific purposes… What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

    Cops are being pushovers, though; if they can’t prove prostitution, at least throw the book at the operators, with felony Reckless Endangerment of a Minor, some application of Abuse of Position of Trust and Authority laws (hey, if they maintain they’re a legitimate biz, then hit boss who tells kids to go on walks with dodgy strangers with the same charges commonly used on teachers clearly toeing the line when they cant crucify them with solid proof of having crossed it), etc… And a few billion yen worth of fines for Health, Sanitation, Hygiene, Child Welfare, Fire Regulation, Unlicensed Medical Practice, Improper Handling of Biohazards (ear wax lol), Unsafe Workplace Environment, Recklessly Exposing Employees without Hazmat Licenses and Training, Zoning Noise and Nuisance, etc etc code violations.

    Reaaaaally let loose every possible inspection on em, doesn’t even matter if 2/3 are ridiculously easy to fight off – ANY small business will fold like a house of cards and leave its owners up to their necks in debt for life under that sort of regulatory onslaught. Legal fees to ward off outlandish barely in-context charges alone will strangle them, while the endless parade of clipboard-toting civil servants from every branch of every inspection in the prefecture will ensure absolute zero customer flow as any half sane punter will make himself scarce at the first whiff of them.

    And while they’re at it, invite news crews for a ride along and sic Child Welfare on every last minor’s parents and guardians…doesn’t MATTER if they’re just hard-up kids from broken homes or genuine amoral out of control bimbos from normal families that just can’t handle them – the sight alone of all that dirty laundry aired on TV will ensure a region-wide wave of internal family crackdowns, with nosy neighbours anxious moms and embarrassment-averse dads self-policing the entire industry out of existence. Even broken homes don’t wish to risk being next in line for public shaming on TV.

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