Popular model Ayumi Takahashi busted for drugs, police tipped by association with gangster

Ayumi Takahashi
Ayumi Takahashi
TOKYO (TR) – Earlier this week, popular model and DJ Ayumi Takahashi was arrested for violation of the cannabis control law, reports the Sankei Shimbun (Aug. 31).

Early in the morning of August 29, Tokyo Metropolitan Police officers from the Tanishi station searched the apartment of Takahashi, located in Tokyo’s Itabashi Ward, and found the celebrity in possession of 0.9 grams of dried cannabis.

“I’ve been using since one year ago,” the 26-year-old told police.

Officers were led to Takahashi following the arrest of her 32-year-old male companion, a gang member who had been taken into custody over a separate incident.

“After I got to know him through a night club, I bought the drugs,” police quoted her as saying.

Takahashi has yet to comment on the arrest on her blog.

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  1. Ayumi gets busted for smoking a little pot, which harms no one except maybe herself, and even then barely, while the TEPCO bastards poison half the country and there’s not a single arrest. Exactly what logic are the laws based on?

  2. His Imperial Majesty, should grant permission to the TEPCO bastards ti commit Seppeku on TV. I know a number of competent swordsmen who’d beglad ti act as secinds

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