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Trouble with Chinese tourists visiting Osaka’s Tobita Shinchi

Shukan Jitsuwa Oct. 23
Shukan Jitsuwa Oct. 23
About a year ago, weekly tabloid Shukan Jitsuwa reported on the popularity of uncensored pornographic DVDs in Osaka’s Nipponbashi district with Chinese tourists.

In keeping up with the lurid practices of visitors from the Communist nation to the Kansai area, the magazine, in its October 23 issue, says that the brothel area of Tobita Shinchi is now a target — and the results have been highly mixed.

“Starting about a year ago, there has been an increase in visits,” says a Chinese tour coordinator. “Internet sites introducing adult entertainment in Japan will include Tobita Shinchi.”

Located in Nishinari Ward, the area consists of alleys of brightly lit ryotei structures. In the first-floor doorway of each establishment sits a woman attired in revealing clothing. Next to her is an elderly female proprietor who verbally solicits clients.

“On the surface, a blow-job is offered but the Chinese tourists know that honban (full sex) is available,” continues the coordinator.

According to Shukan Jitsuwa, taxi drivers have been picking up Chinese visitors who have an interest in Tobita Shinchi after they’ve gone shopping or visited a restaurant in the Dotonbori area.

“When I’ve asked where they are going, I’ll get a hushed ‘Tobita, Tobita’ in response,” says a taxi driver.

With only a few establishments in the red-light district willing to accept foreigners, many Chinese guests will whip out a digital camera and begin taking photographs, much to the ire of the proprietors.

“The fact that shops will refuse Chinese guests is already widely known among tourists,” says a writer covering the fuzoku trade.

The magazine says that for many who make the trip the blend of historic-looking buildings and the opportunity to simply see modern, beautiful women on display will suffice.

But to satisfy carnal urges, there are underground “dating clubs” that specialize in Chinese guests.

“For short periods, the charges run 30,000 yen,” says the aforementioned coordinator. “For longer periods, the fee can go up to 50,000 yen. If the club knows the customer is loaded, he might be asked to pay a 300-percent premium.”

However, on the weekends the establishments are usually fully booked. So Chinese visitors will make arrangements with out-call “delivery health” services, which will dispatch a prostitute to a love hotel.

But many Chinese customers are well versed in the output of Japan’s adult video industry, and, much like the reported experiences of soapland bathhouses in Tokyo’s Yoshiwara red-light district, their requests for such services as bukkake can rub the girls the wrong way, so to speak.

Source: “Chugokujin kankokyaku de Tobita Shinchi konwaku,” Shukan Jitsuwa (Oct. 23, pages 200-201)