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Dial-a-dalliance: Nagoya’s amateur prostitution service set to spread nationwide

Shukan Taishu Oct. 10
Shukan Taishu Oct. 10
Moshi-moshi, is this Kana-san? I was given your number by our mutual friend Mr. T.”

Hai, but I’m at work right now. Would you mind calling me back later?”

From the various sounds audible in the background, it would appear that Kana, as advertised, is a genuine OL (office lady).

The reporter for Shukan Taishu (Oct. 10) exhales with excitement; it looks like he’s on to a really hot story.

“Currently in Nagoya, there’s a service that sells the phone numbers of women who are into enjo kosai (amateur prostitution),” the unnamed writer for the pink trade had told him. “It’s really popular. There’s a good chance it will catch on in Tokyo as well, maybe as soon as the end of September.”

The way the new system works is that the members joining the “club” pay an initiation fee of 5,000 yen and an additional 5,000 yen for each telephone number. To access the numbers at the club’s office, they enter a private cubicle where several paper files are stacked on the counter. Each file contains about 50 profiles of women. They are organized by type, such as university students, OLs, housewives, and so on. The data includes their height, vital measurements, where they want to be taken on “dates” and other information. There are also salacious entries about the ways in which they enjoy having sex.

According to the operator (the aforementioned Mr. T), business has been booming.

“Yes, especially on Thursday and Friday nights, since Toyota began giving its staff those days off to conserve electric power,” the pink reporter adds, noting that each reservation is concluded on a case-by-case basis. Housewives, for example, are usually only available during the midday.

Shukan Taishu’s writer sets up a dinner date with Kana for the following evening.

Fortunately, she appears just like her photo, and she’s a doll.

“A friend talked me into signing up two months ago, she tells the reporter. “Why? I want more money of course. I work for a company in the IT sector, but the salary’s lousy.”

Nevertheless Kana tells the reporter she has to like a guy to go all the way with him. “My going rate is 30,000 yen, but if I am turned off physically, I won’t do it at any price,” she says, adding, “I would never consider going pro. The houses are all cutting prices these days, and I’ve heard the Johns there are mostly grubby laborer types.”

But not all is well in Nagoya’s flesh market. Kana also says that of late, cabaret hostesses have been encroaching on her telephone territory.

“They’ll register their phone number with the service, but after the John buys them dinner they’ll say, ‘Sorry I’ve gotta go to work now, will you come with me for some drinks at our shop?’ If the guy refuses, then that’s it — and he’s out the cost of a meal.” (K.S.)

Source: “Joshi daisei, hitozuma etc. no keitai bango wo uru ‘Nagoya uri fuzoku,'” Shukan Taishu (Oct. 10, page 198)