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Shizuka Oya of AKB48 tests positive for coronavirus

TOKYO (TR) – Shizuka Oya, a member of idol group AKB48, has tested positive for the novel coronavirus, her agency said on August 14.

In message posted on its web site, the agency said that the positive result for Oya, 28, was confirmed on August 13.

On August 11, Oya was found to have a fever (temperature of 37.7 degrees Celsius). That evening, her temperature dropped and she had no cough, sore throat or other symptoms.

Shizuka Oya of AKB48

However, the following day she began experiencing a lack of energy. That evening, she visited a medical institution. She later underwent a polymerase chain reaction test, which gave the positive result.

Oya, who joined AKB48 in 2008, is now experiencing a headache, chest pain and a loss of taste and smell, the agency said.

The idol is now recovering under the guidance of the medical institution at home. The agency confirmed that she did not come into contact with another member of the group or its staff.