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Tohoku tremors send sex-service gals scampering southward

Shukan Jitsuwa May 5
Shukan Jitsuwa May 5
While the general mood of consumer self restraint that has followed the Great East Japan Earthquake has extended to Kansai, that area’s fuzoku industry — the commercial sex trade, to be clear — is showing signs of stimulation, reports Shukan Jitsuwa (May 5).

The tabloid says that fuzoku girls from Tohoku are moving to Tokyo, which in turn is seeing its gals go to Kansai, a development that has guys licking their chops, or rather, getting their chops licked.

“A week after the earthquake we started to see this shift,” says a writer covering the fuzoku trade. “In terms of types of services, most of them are working in health clubs” — which have nothing to do with fitness but everything do with blow-jobs — “and soaplands in Kobe’s Fukuhara red-light district. One can even hear Tokyo accents in quickie joints located in Osaka brothel areas like Tobita Shinchi and Kujo.”

One 24-year-old female health employee, who used to work in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro area, tells the tabloid why she moved: “Tokyo still has aftershocks and supplies in general are insufficient. I cannot focus well. While some may say they don’t like Osaka, I am fine with it.”

Kansai customers are reaping great gains in experiencing Kanto-style techniques, the magazine enthuses.

“Kansai health shops usually prohibit sumata (specifically, grinding without insertion) due to the risk of actual intercourse. Blow-jobs, too, are a concern for health reasons,” explains the previously quoted writer. “But Kanto girls are generally agreeable with providing these services, and Kansai guys love this.”

A 32-year-old sales employee boasts, “I got a girl from (Tokyo’s) Kabukicho area when I phoned a deri heru (out-call) service. It was the first time for me to experience activities that were nearly real sex. I hope local girls will start offering this kind of thing as a basic service very soon.”

A club in Kobe’s Sannomiya adult area employs three girls from Kanto. “While we did not put out any special advertisements, news of their presence spread around by word of mouth among customers,” the employee says. “At first, we were trying to help them by offering a job, but in the end they have been helping us.”

Most girls, however, are working on a part-time basis and wish to return to Tokyo when the situation has settled.

“At our shop, these Tokyo girls are considered ‘in-training’ and customers target that,” the Kobe club employee continues.

“In the end, I want these girls to make money now and help in revitalizing the spirit of Tokyo,” the employee says.

Enjoy the fun while it lasts, Osaka. (K.N.)

Source: “Ima Kansai fuzoku wa bijyo zoroi: Ogoto & Fukuhara ni Kanto musume ga tairyo ryunyu,” Shukan Jitsuwa (May 5, pages 202-203)