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Maria Ozawa, other AV actresses entertain in sex industry

Shukan Jitsuwa Aug. 22-29
Shukan Jitsuwa Aug. 22-29

It is no secret that many men dream of performing innumerable erotic endeavors with their favorite porn actress. Yet the number of available positions for male actors in Japan’s porn industry is highly limited.

Offering a bit of salvation is this week’s Shukan Jitsuwa (Aug. 22-29), which introduces its mostly male readership to a number of hostess clubs and soapland bathhouses that employ adult video (AV) actresses.

At kyabakura Red Dragon, located in the Roppongi nightlife quarter of Tokyo, customers are able to chat with actresses as they pour drinks at a non-member rate of 12,000 yen for the first 60 minutes.

“I like a number of erotic things,” 25-year-old Akari Asahina tells the magazine, “including ridiculously manly men.”

Readers of Shukan Jitsuwa intrigued by such a claim will be happy to know that between August 12 and 16 Red Dragon will be waiving the customary request fee (4,000 yen) required to sit with Asahina and colleagues Risa Kasumi, 29, and Tia, the 21-year-old who starred in the “Secret Female Investigator” series in June.

For those interested in pleasures that are more carnal in nature may wish to consider the soapland Monte, located in the Fukuhara entertainment area of Kobe. Guests paying 50,000 yen for the first 100 minutes will be treated to the erotic exertions of 25-year-old Noa Kirishima, a one-time “happening bar” manager and underwear model who made her AV debut with label Soft On Demand in 2007.

Natsu Ando debuted in AV with Alice Japan in 2007 under the name Reina Sakaki. At RAO in Kumamoto, the actress treats customers to an hour of foamy fun for 28,000 yen.

None other than Maria Ozawa is on call at club Club Tora no Ana (Tiger Hole) in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward. In her welcoming statement to the tabloid’s readers, the half Japanese, half French-Canadian says, “My favorite things are sex and drinking.”

At Club Tora no Ana, which is a deri heru escort service, top-level actresses like Miss Ozawa are considered Diamond Tigers, whose rates are negotiable. Inquire within.

Not to be overlooked is the recent interest in the jukujo, or mature lady. At hostess club Shunga, located in the Shimbashi entertainment area of Tokyo, Amano Koyuki is happy to talk about her preference for back door entry for a charge of 8,000 yen for the first hour.

Customers preferring a little girth should be pleased with club Prae in Osaka. With all staff members possessing chest sizes measuring at least that of a G-cup, this deri heru establishment offers a laundry list of services, including a body rub, testicle licking, and paizuri, in which a man is brought to orgasm having his penis gripped in a woman’s cleavage.

“We hope that after your visit we will have exceeded your expectations,” says Yukari Orihara. (K.N.)

Source: “AVjoyu to nonde purei suru kyabakura & fuzokuten,” Shukan Jitsuwa (Aug. 22-29)