Housewives hoppin’ at Kabukicho ‘happening bar’

Shukan Jitsuwa Mar. 19
Shukan Jitsuwa Mar. 19
With news sites reporting on last week’s arrests at club Jewel Kiss, a Roppongi “happening bar” — an establishment where men and women check their erotic inhibitions at the door — the latest issue of Shukan Jitsuwa (Mar. 19) covers a daytime happening scene, one whose female clientele is composed primarily of housewives, that is ongoing in Tokyo’s entertainment quarter of Kabukicho.

“I just entered out of curiosity, but the experience was beyond my imagination,” relates a friend of Shukan Jitsuwa’s writer, a specialist in the “pink” trade.

This associate is said to be a maniac when it comes to fuzoku services, and he emphasizes that given the nature of the arrangement — i.e. amateur men and women coming together to socialize and engage in SM activities and orgies — there is no guarantee that one will wind up hooking up.

“Some days, nothing will happen,” he adds. “On others, there could be unbelievable excitement. It depends on the ratio of males to females and the overall mood.”

The friend continues to arouse the journalist’s curiosity: “The female customers are only married women. Most of them call their friends and they show up as a group. As soon as they see a man entering, their eyes fixate upon him. In my case, I had a group pull down my pants and force me into a masturbation session.”

Now fully enthralled with the idea that such an establishment exists during the day, the weekly’s scribe decides to take the plunge. Once inside the premises, whose location is not given, he notices a modest space that contains a bar and two small rooms, each marked with an “orgy” designation. Besides that, there are SM ropes and 10 kinds of costumes hanging on the wall.

A female manager in her 20s explains that the male clientele is comprised of sales representatives in need of killing time and private business owners. The ladies are bored housewives in the 30s and 40s looking for a stimulating experience. “The ladies can meet guys at a low risk at this place. They are basically not paying and getting all they can eat and drink,” laughs the manager, whose bar charges 10,000 yen for men, 1,000 yen for women, and 3,000 yen for couples.

The weekly’s writer then spies a group of three homemakers who are friends from cooking class. One of them is quite a looker, a 32-year-old resembling pinup girl Erika Toda. All three explain that they are intrigued by this “mysterious” world. One, named “B-san,” says: “If you are a housewife, there are days when you do not go outside. Gradually, you start to lose confidence as a woman. So at this place you can come and take a peek with your friends.”

“C-san,” who the writer describes as a possible “late bloomer,” adds that she became interested in such activities after reading an SM book in high school. She fancies being bound into wrap whose end result resembles a tortoise shell configuration. There are not a lot of guys who have such skills, but she heard that professional rope masters come to this bar. “While suspended in the air and my wrists, breasts, and vagina wrapped, I was embarrassed at first,” C-san relates. “But as the rope dug in further, a state of ecstasy enveloped me. I later had no guilt because this is not an affair; I am not doing it with the rope master.”

Later, five single guys, two young housewives, and an older couple, appearing to be engaged in an affair, enter the club. One housewife then changes into a China dress and the other into a nurse costume. The two subsequently escort the group of five to an orgy room, where oral sex and other acts between the group ensues. Off in the corner, the adulterous couple is fully nude and fondling one another. All this, Shukan Jitsuwa reports, is viewable through a one-way mirror.

Just then, the Erika-chan look-alike begins rubbing the writer’s privates. He subsequently follows her lead into the room with her two friends staying behind to watch.

The female manager believes that housewives release their desire in this environment. “The more quiet they are the more likely they are to show a different side once they change into a costume,” she says. “Before you know it, they’ll be taking hold of the penises of submissive guys and spurting arousing phrases.”

The journalist concurs, adding that he hopes, dear reader, that your wife doesn’t show up.

Source: “Hakuchu hapuningu ba, gyoten shuchi ranko,” Shukan Jitsuwa (Mar. 19, Pages 52-53)

Note: Brief extracts from Japanese vernacular media in the public domain that appear here were translated and summarized under the principle of “fair use.” Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of the translations. However, we are not responsible for the veracity of their contents. The activities of individuals described herein should not be construed as “typical” behavior of Japanese people nor reflect the intention to portray the country in a negative manner. Our sole aim is to provide examples of various types of reading matter enjoyed by Japanese.



  1. The list of dirty TRICKS used by the Happening Bars are as follows:

    1. Have hostess females at the front of the bar prentening they are single women wanting sex. They DO NOT have sex, ONLY TALK to men, then LEAVE (and get paid by the manager). If they are pretty, it helps them TRICK more men.

    2. Perform a S&M type show, like tie a naked woman up with rope. There is NO SEX. This is designed to TEASE male customers.

    3. Arrange for a couple to come in and do a sex show. They are ONLY for WATCHING and she will NOT have sex with any other men. She will make lots of LOUD FAKE sounds to get attention and will be more of an ACTRESS.

    4. STEAL the women of any REAL unmarried couples (real swinger couples) that enter the happening bar.

    If a REAL UNMARRIED couple enters the happening bar. Especially if she is young, good looking, or actually has sex then the manager and staff will often try to GET the WOMAN’S CONTACT INFORMATION. They will try to convince her to come by herself, without the man, and WORK for them or the STAFF will try to date and have sex with her.

    The happening bar hostess women pretending to be real single women customers, CAN TRY the SAME TRICK TOO. They will pretend to be her friend, get her information, then try to convince her to join them at the happening bar as a hostess.

    Many men who bring their girlfriends to a happening bar, will have her “STOLEN” by the happening bar managers, staff, or female hostesses.

    The happening bar staff may also try to get her to have sex with a RICH male customer they choose. Basically, TURN HER into a PROSTITUTE for the bar OR his personal sex friend.

    As a happening bar prostitute/hostess, they USE her to bring RICH customers over and over to spend his money at the bar. This is for SELECTED RICH male customers, NOT regular customers. They SPLIT the money they trick out of him with the woman. They may also convince or sell her to work in a DIFFERENT type of club that does blow jobs, escort service, S&M, or does prostitution directly.

    5. Blackmail customers, men or women, who they have contact information on.

    Some happening bar staff will threaten to take your information to your employer, family, or your wife or husband. If you are a woman, they may attempt to turn you into a club prostitute via blackmail. If a man, a staff member (not usually the bar owner) may attempt to blackmail you to get more money for themselves.

    NEVER let ANY happening bar photo copy your ID, or give any real information that they can use like real name, address, or job.

    This includes not just the happening bar staff, but the happening bar HOSTESS women working undercover PRETENDING to be single women customers. These are the most tricky, especially woman to woman. Many women will tell other women way too much information or get tricked thinking they are female friennds.

    6. The happening bar manager and staff LIE to male customers that their bar is a real sex club.

    They tell the male customers that they need to talk with the women at the bar for long periods of time to convince her to have sex. This is a TRICK. The male customers are often talking to happening bar hostesses that have NO intention on having sex. The happening bar hostess will just TALK, TEASE the male customers and tell MORE LIES, collect her money from the manager, and then LEAVE.

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