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Japan’s AV actresses rolling the bones in Macau

Shukan Taishu Jan. 26
Shukan Taishu Jan. 26
Earlier this month, police in Macau announced the arrest of more than 100 suspects allegedly involved in a large prostitution ring. Among those taken into custody was the nephew of Stanley Ho, the Hong Kong gambling magnate.

Thus far, no reports have surfaced regarding the participation of any Japanese nationals, but, according to Shukan Taishu (Jan. 26), adult video (AV) actresses from the Land of the Rising Son are currently serving wealthy Chinese businessmen in the gambling enclave.

A source with knowledge of the world’s oldest profession says that services similar to those on offer at Japan’s soapland bathhouses are readily available for between 10,000 and 30,000 yen at high-end hotels and casinos in the former Portuguese colony — and Japanese porn starlets are also among those ready for hire.

“On average, blonde Russian gals fetch the top prices while Asian women tend to garner the lowest,” says the source. “But Japanese AV stars are at another level — they are extraordinary.”

Much of this has to do with the huge popularity AV actresses currently enjoy in China. “Rich Chinese men come (to Macau) with the one intention of sleeping with these girls,” continues the insider.

An employee at an AV production company enlightens Shukan Taishu on how the system works. The first step involves brokers in Macau with a stable of customers getting in touch with representatives in Japan’s AV industry. After arrangements are made, the ladies are then prepped.

“They’ll be passed a ‘prostitution guidebook’ in advance to reduce any lingering anxiety,” says the employee.

The document explains to each actress that she will be be ferried to Macau in style and stay at a five-star hotel. Regarding services rendered, she will receive a minimum of 500,000 yen for 10 days. For each work day, she will be on call between 8:00 a.m. and the following morning. Should there be a request for her to engage in a three-way session, she will be entitled to a bonus. Drugs, filming during the sessions and SM activities are all strictly prohibited.

The employee claims that he has spoken to one AV actress, a starlet known for her huge chest and baby face, who has experience in Macau. She serviced an average of five men per day.

Shukan Taishu Jan. 26
Shukan Taishu Jan. 26
“One of her customers was from Beijing,” says the employee. “He had her DVDs lined up on a table in his room. He wanted to recreate prominent scenes from the films.”

While popular actresses can earn more than two million yen over the 10-day period, there is firm demand for lesser known talents, who possess nearly intangible qualities.

“Customers get especially tickled thinking that they have unearthed a beautiful woman not known to the public,” says the aforementioned employee.

Source: “Ninki AV joyu ‘Makao baishun’ ketteiteki shoko,” Shukan Taishu (Jan. 26, pages 214-215)