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AV starlet Yuria Satomi targeted by intruders in Meguro residence

TOKYO (TR) – For adult video (AV) actress Yuria Satomi, it was a whole new way of getting screwed.

At around 10:00 a.m. on Monday, a male in a takkyubin delivery uniform rang the intercom for Satomi’s high-rise apartment in the Nakameguro area of Meguro Ward.

After he arrived at her door, she realized he was not actually a deliveryman. He then pushed his way inside along with a second male in street clothes. “You evaded 100 million yen in taxes,” one of them said. “We are here to collect.”

According to Tokyo Sports (Oct. 27), the intruder in the uniform then proceeded to ransack the interior, including the inside of her rice cooker, over a 20-minute period. Meanwhile, his accomplice held her by the arm.

6 million yen

“The guys were wearing earphones and seemed to be receiving instructions from [another person],” she said.

They fled after finding 2.5 million yen in cash in an unlocked safe and 3.5 million yen in a closet.

“This was the money I am supposed to use for beauty-related expenses next month,” she added.

On Monday night, police apprehended three male youths — aged 17 to 19 — in Kanagawa Prefecture. Inside the vehicle they were using, police found 4 million yen in cash.

Yuria Satomi (Twitter)

Tax evasion

Satomi, 35, made her AV debut at the age of 18 under the performing name Aya Koizumi in 2003. She caused a stir in 2016 after a tabloid revealed that she had failed to file a tax return between 2007 and 2013.

Over that same period, her bank account received deposits totaling 245 million yen, much of which came from several boyfriends.

In taking into consideration additional taxation and taxes in arrears, the tax bureau determined that Satomi was liable for 115 million yen in penalties — hence the figure the intruder mentioned on Monday upon entering her residence.

“At that time, I couldn’t close [the door],” she told Nippon News Network (Oct. 27) about the experience on Monday, “and he was trying to open it while yelling at me. But no one [around] noticed what was going on. So, he just entered and locked [the door behind him].”