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AV actress Yuria Satomi discusses sex and taxes

Yuria Satomi
Yuria Satomi appears in “Teacher Yuria’s Temptation Lesson” for label Idea Pocket in 2011

TOKYO (TR) – At an event last week to promote the release of her upcoming autobiography, adult video (AV) starlet Yuria Satomi, 32, confirmed a previous report that she concealed a large amount of income in avoiding a massive tax bill.

“I had this feeling that all my steady accumulation of money over a near 10-year period was in vain,” said Satomi at the event, which included a poster describing her as “the tax evasion girl.” “In hearing about it, I started hyperventilating. I thought a person without money would die.”

According to the report, Satomi never filed a tax return between 2007 and 2013 with the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau. Over that same period, her bank account received deposits totaling 245 million yen.

The native of Kanagawa Prefecture received about 45 million yen from her work as an AV actress. The remaining 200 million yen came from boyfriends, with each depositing about 50 million yen into her account.

In taking into consideration additional taxation and taxes in arrears, the bureau determined that Satomi was liable for 115 million yen in penalties, the previous report said.

“A tax adviser told me that if the [the money from boyfriends] was deemed ‘consolation money’ due to a break-up then it would not taxable,” she continued. “However, that turned out not to be true.”

First experience at the age of 12

With about 400 films to her credit, Satomi made her AV debut at the age of 18 in 2003 under the performing name Aya Koizumi. She also has experience in the fuzoku trade, which is the commercial sex industry. During her time in the latter profession, she reportedly serviced hundreds of men in relationships known as enjo kosai (or compensated dating).

Satomi’s autobiography “The Girl Can’t Help It: Sex and Money” is scheduled to be released at the end of August. In the book, she discusses the selling of one’s body as a job and her first sexual experience, which was at the age of 12. She also comments on a controversial topic that emerged last year: woman claiming to have been forced to perform in the AV industry.

“Some [men] were violent,” she said. “Since the police didn’t do anything, I realized the best way was to just slip out silently. Until now, I’ve done a lot of things, and had an interesting life. I’ll be happy if a woman reads it and says, ‘I, too, need to work hard.'”

Roppongi five nights a week

In addition to being an actress, Satomi is employed at Club Maito, a hostess club located in the Roppongi entertainment area of Tokyo. She told Shukan Post (July 14) she works there five nights each week. In speaking about her income now, she was quoted by Tokyo Sports as saying, “I use it all.”