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Fukuoka theme park shutters ice rink with frozen fish in wake of outrage

A theme park in Fukuoka Prefecture has closed an ice rink following an uproar over 5,000 fish frozen into the ice (Space World’s Facebook page)

FUKUOKA (TR) – A theme park in Kitakyushu City has shut down a skate rink that hosted a special event featuring thousands of sea creatures frozen into the ice after receiving a rash of complaints, reports Nippon News Network (Nov. 28).

On Sunday, park Space World closed the rink that hosted “Freezing Port,” which included around 5,000 fish and shellfish frozen into the ice, after numerous persons submitting complaints via the internet found displeasure with the display, saying it was, amongst other things, “pathetic” and “unpleasant.”

Space World, described as a “theme park all about space” by the Japan National Tourism Organization, launched the “Freezing Port” event for its ice rink on November 12 as a limited winter and spring exhibition to educate visitors about marine life.

Prior to the closure, park visitors were able to rent ice skates and glide over a wide variety of fish and shellfish frozen into the ice in different zones, including a section featuring enlarged photos of bigger creatures such as whale sharks.

There are no plans to reopen the ice rink.

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