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Lady’s live nude program pleased primarily female audience

TOKYO (TR) – By day, Naomi Doi, 58, maintained a mundane job. By night, however, she liked to liven things up — and then some.

Last week, Tokyo Metropolitan Police announced the arrest of Doi who while nude portrayed an elderly woman on a pay-to-view site.

Police have accused Doi and accomplice Yasushi Nitta, 40, of broadcasting a live program on the site from a residence near Lake Kasumigaura in Ibaraki Prefecture in December in which Nitta appeared nude.

This was hardly a one-off operation. As Nikkan Gendai (Feb. 17) tells it, Doi played the role of the “ejaculation lady” to a mostly female audience about 15 nights per month for several years.

“[The site] is operated on a point system, and in this case seventy percent of the buyers were women,” an investigator tells the tabloid about the arrangement. “One point is sold for one yen with one minute of viewing time costing 50 yen. However, on the day of the bust they were running a special: one minute for 39 yen.”

Naomi Doi
Naomi Doi (Twitter)

Stuffed brown bear

The set for the shows was a bedroom inside the two-floor residence. The interior included a pink curtain over a window and a stuffed brown bear. Nitta, who went by the name “Aya-chan,” appeared on the bed with a mask over her mouth.

Attired in her underwear or one of a number of costumes, including a female Santa Clause suit or bunny girl outfit, she then used her fingers to slowly bring herself to shiofuki, or female ejaculation.

The shows also included Niita chatting with viewers through an interface supplied by the site. Perhaps as a means of enhancement, she claimed to be a “100-year-old” woman.

On Twitter, she promoted the broadcasts. “At 11:00 p.m., the pants are coming off!” she tweeted one time. “Come and bathe in the lucky shower,” another tweet read.

The scheme was a success. Over a four-year period the suspects are believed to have accumulated 14 million yen in revenue. As a part of the investigation, police seized computer equipment, mobile telephones, the stuffed bear, and the Santa Claus costume.

“Met on a chat site”

“They met on a chat site,” the aforementioned investigator says of the suspects. “They then started living together. During the day, she had a part-time job. But, at night, she morphed into the shiofuki lady.”

Upon their arrest on February 12 on suspicion of indecent exposure — showing uncensored genitalia is a violation of the law — both suspects admitted to the allegations. “While I knew it was bad, I did it to cover living expenses,” Nitta was quoted by police. “As well, I’m good at shiofuki.”

If you’ve got it, flaunt it, Gendai chuckles.