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Unlicensed Kyoto taxi service targeted Chinese tourists

taxi service in Kyoto
The president of travel agency used a van to transport Chinese tourists without authorization (Mainichi Broadcasting System)

KYOTO (TR) – Kyoto Prefectural Police have arrested the president of a travel company for allegedly operating an unlicensed taxi service that targeted foreign tourists, reports Mainichi Broadcasting System (Nov. 30).

On five occasions between October and the middle of November, Hiroshi Takemiya, 49, used a van to ferry groups of Chinese tourists to various locations in Osaka and Kyoto, including a temple and castle, without proper authorization.

Takemiya, who has been accused of violating the Road Transportation Act, admits to the allegations, telling police that he knew he was violating the law.

According to the Higashiyama Police Station, Takeyama transported the tourists for between 40,000 yen and 60,000 yen per trip. The suspect promoted the service on social media to take advantage of the recent surge in Chinese tourists to the Kansai area.