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Why do middle-aged women chase younger men?

The arrest last week of a 53-year-old woman in Okayama Prefecture for stalking a man 15 years her junior leads evening tabloid Nikkan Gendai (Sep. 27) to wonder why some gals like younger guys.

Nursery school employee Yui Tanaka was taken into custody in Okayama City on September 23 after she intruded into the garden of the home of a 38-year-old man she was pursuing.

A police source says that Tanaka, who is married, and the victim became acquainted through a local tennis club, whereby she expressed her fondness for him but he did not have similar feelings for her.

“After that, a tire on his care got punctured,” says the source, “and the paint on the nameplate for his front door was damaged. There were around seven or eight incidents all told. The police are looking into her involvement.”

A report in the Mainichi Shimbun says that at the time of her arrest Tanaka was carrying kerosene in a plastic bottle and an awl.

Nikkan Gendai turns to marriage counselor Hiromi Ikeuchi for a possible explanation for why middle-aged woman can become vindictive.

“Once women reach their late 40s, menopausal disorders can start,” she says. “Gray hair and wrinkles on their faces become a worry. Women lacking confidence are especially hurt by this change in appearance. Their reaction then is to rejuvenate themselves through the companionship of a younger man.”

While in pursuit, she will unconsciously change her hairstyle and improve the way she dresses. Her skin might even take on a glossy sheen as a consequence, says Ikeuchi. “Also, younger men have a stronger sexual energy that these women find very satisfying,” the counselor adds.

Almost as a warning to Nikkan Gendai’s mostly male readership, Ikeuchi provides telltale signs of a woman in pursuit of a younger beau. First, her language will change. In describing a particular food as being delicious, she may use the term cho-umai, which would typically be uttered by a much younger male.

“Her wardrobe will include clothes suitable for a younger woman,” continues Ikeuchi. “She also might start using a strap for her mobile phone. Then all of a sudden she’ll have knowledge of manga and video games — sure indications that she is being influenced by a younger guy.” (K.N.)

Source: “Goju onna ha naze wakai otoko oimawasu no ka?” Nikkan Gendai (Sep. 27)