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Tokyo ‘dating clubs’ allow geezers to garner young gals

Shukan Post Sep. 25-Oct. 2
Shukan Post Sep. 25-Oct. 2

When it comes to an older man dating a much younger woman, more often than not money talks.

For such a case, there is Tokyo-based Ginza President Club, an elite “dating club” in which a man pays a fee to be introduced to one of the service’s registered female members for sexual relations.

Though such a business model sounds like prostitution, let’s not put words in the mouth of Shukan Post (Sep. 25 – Oct. 2), which says such elite clubs are increasingly catering to the capital’s dirty old men.

“We have more than 5,500 women, aged from their 20s to their 40s, registered with our service,” the representative director of Ginza President Club tells Shukan Post’s writer. “Most of them are college students, office ladies and housewives, but we also have models, actresses, television announcers and cabin attendants.”

The director adds that a strict check of identification papers ensures that there are “no fakes” registered with the service.

A basic membership requires an outlay of 50,000 yen. In order to be introduced to a girl, an additional 25,000-yen fee is required. However, in order to secure a meeting with upper-level talent — say, an announcer — an upgrade to a Platinum membership (200,000 yen) is necessary.

Such pricing may sound somewhat steep initially but the director says that after the first date no further payments are needed. In fact, a 67-year-old male who used the services of a rival club tells the magazine that the pricing plans are indeed a draw.

“I got introduced to a 27-year-old secretary for a company president,” he beams. “She was a dead ringer for (actress) Masami Nagasawa.”

The Web site of Ginza President Club suggests that couples go to a restaurant together, perhaps for sushi, grilled chicken (yakitori) or soba. After that, well…

A nurse registered with Ginza President Club
A nurse registered with Ginza President Club

“I liked her right from the start,” says the aforementioned customer, “and we brokered a deal that includes two sex sessions per month for 80,000 yen.”

The customer adds that there is nothing quite like entering a bath next to a young lass with milky white skin.

“She doesn’t have the technique of a fuzoku-jo,” he assures in referring to a woman employed in the commercial sex trade. “But she makes up for it determination.”

Ginza President Club is not a new operation. Tabloids have been profiling the business for 15 years.

So why the appeal now? For the aforementioned customer, he is able to consistently date of his league.

“After an eternity of hitting hostess clubs in which there is no guarantee of sex in return, one realizes that there is a better way,” he says.

Source: “Shinu made SEX 60 sugite mo kon’nani kofun suru nante,” Shukan Post (Sep. 25 – Oct. 2)