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Sleazy Shinagawa shenanigans supplied by Gotanda sluts

Shinagawa Station
Shinagawa Station
TOKYO (TR) – Of late, there’s been a plethora of ads for sex services appearing in evening tabloids that are labeled “Shinagawa-hatsu” (departing from Shinagawa).

Nikkan Gendai (May 4) finds this curious, because the Shinagawa area boasts few sex-related businesses. What it does have, however, is a busy Shinkansen (bullet train) station surrounded by numerous hotels where traveling businessmen from Kansai and other points west spend the night so they can catch an early departure for home.

So to the question, “Wherefore art thou, Shinagawa?” The answer seems to be Gotanda.

“Yes, the girls being billed as ‘Shinagawa-hatsu’ are dispatched from shops in Gotanda, two stops away on the Yamanote Line,” a source in the sex industry tells the tabloid.

The source invited the reporter to watch the driveway of a city hotel where, that evening, a stream of attractive young women — clearly deri heru (delivery health) workers — alighted from private cars and entered the hotels.

“You can see the drivers, constantly talking on their mobile phones,” an out-call sex service operator is quoted as saying. “It’s obvious that they are dropping off and picking up the hookers. I’d say the peak time is around 23:00. There’s practically a traffic jam of vehicles from the services pulling up at the hotels in the area.”

But what sort of Shinagawa shenanigans are available to locals whose overnight accommodations are not subsidized by their company?

“Oh, most of the services will be happy to send a girl to one of the love hotels in Gotanda,” advises the source. Nikkan Gendai’s reporter tried it thusly and within minutes was joined in his room by an “elder-sister type,” who, after first nearly smothering him with her massive mammaries sent him spastically spurting with a spirited session of sumata (labial penile massage). “Even better than I’d dared to hope for!” he salivates.

Source: “Deriheru nado fuzoku kokoku de ‘Shinagawa hatsu’ ga kyuzo no riyu,” Nikkan Gendai (May 4, page 30)