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Plain Janes out in the cold as sex businesses attract beauties

Sex shops with good-looking women have repeat customers
Sex shops with good-looking women have repeat customers
Nikkan Gendai (Jan. 29) reports that a 34-year-old woman residing in Tokyo’s residential Setagaya Ward was recently arrested for sneaking into her neighbor’s apartment — not to steal but ostensibly to recharge her cell phone battery. When the neighbor returned home unexpectedly, the intruder stabbed her with a kitchen knife.

Following her apprehension, the culprit, who had been employed as a sex industry worker, told investigators she was in dire economic straits.

“More temp-help workers laid off due to the recession are moving into the sex industry,” says reporter Yukio Kamimura. “Operators have become much more discriminating, weeding out homely women at job interviews, and now you’re finding more attractive women working there. Good-looking dames are necessary to bring back repeat customers.”

Kamimura adds that some massage places have even been adding forbidden pleasures in the form of honban (the real thing, i.e., coitus) at no extra charge, and places that previously drew the line at sumata (ejaculating through penile stimulation by rubbing against the woman’s external labia) are now encouraging the gals to permit full penetration.

Another recent development that Nikkan Gendai’s reporter has observed is that more married women have turned to selling sex to pick up some discretionary income, as their husbands struggle against layoffs and salary cuts.

And more women have been cutting out the middlemen entirely, bypassing employment at the shops all together and going right to the source. So rather paying 20,000 yen to romp for 50 minutes at a shop where they can’t even go all the way, astute male shoppers can now deal direct, getting two hours of service at for an eminently reasonable 15,000 yen. In some cases, quickie bargains can be set up via dating sites on the web for as little as 7,500 yen.

“Services at the delivery health I’ve been using have improved substantially,” says sex writer Kazuo Oyama. “Before, 20,000 yen bought you one shot, but from last autumn, after the first round the girls started giving me a full body massage, a blow job and then get me off again. Apparently the management’s been pushing them hard to keep the customers happy.”

Summing up, the economy might be going to the dogs, but as far as recruitment for the sex industry is concerned, driving out the dogs has been doggone good for business. (K.S.)

Source: “Fuzokugai kara busu ga kieta!” Nikkan Gendai, (Jan. 29, page 6)