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Feel-good Tenga goodies boost Tohoku males’ sagging morale

Shukan Post July 1
Shukan Post July 1
Three months have passed since the March 11 disaster in Tohoku, and while the survivors’ basic needs of food, clothing and shelter have been realized, Shukan Post (Jul. 1) has discovered a savvy humanitarian has also given consideration to other human urges.

To wit, in the “Emergency Supplies” delivered to a shelter in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture, were adult goods from Tenga designed for male self-stimulation.

The credit goes to a gentleman named Shinichi Motoyanagi, age 39, who in late March returned to his home prefecture of Fukushima to assist in recovery efforts.

“The shelters were full of healthy males,” he tells the magazine. “And I asked a few, ‘Aren’t you fellows building up a load?’ It may seem like a dumb question, but one man said to me, ‘Y’know after age 50, it’s hard to do hand sumo (masturbation).’ I recommended he avail himself of Tenga products, but neither him nor anyone else had ever heard of them.”

Since their sales launch in July 2005, Tenga synthetic vaginas have been shipped to over 40 countries, with shipments of over 15 million units. But while popularized via online sales, apparently rustics in their 40s and 50s had yet to hear of these newfangled nookies.

So Motoyanagi-san ran over to the nearest Don Quijote outlet in Koriyama City and came back grinning with eight of Tenga’s standard cup models, which he distributed to eagerly awaiting gentlemen. And before you could say “Did the earth move for you too?” the word was spreading throughout the shelters.

Tenga was delighted to discover its products were in demand in the disaster zone, and the company took the opportunity to provide several hundreds of its popular oval “Egg series” models free of charge. The users promptly smuggled them into toilet stalls or utilized the items in the dark while out of doors, or perhaps enjoyed them in the privacy of the communal showers.

“A woman asked me for one as well,” says Motoyanagi. “She told me, ‘I want to use it together with my boyfriend.'”

The Tengas have been effective at maintaining morale, but now another problem has cropped up: Apparently some users are asking for okazu (side dishes), which in this case means erotic imagery that can be used to encourage erection.

“Some people asked me to lend them some porno films, but almost nobody here has a TV or DVD player,” Motoyanagi relates. “So I told them, ‘Do the best you can with your imagination!'” (K.S.)

Source: “Dansei borantia no ‘eidan’ de daikohyo ‘hinansho to TENGA’ chotto ii hanashi,” Shukan Post (July 1, page 136)