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Soapland employee threatens Tokyo doctor over Kabukicho host

Eriko Wakisaka
Eriko Wakisaka

Tokyo Metropolitan Police on Wednesday announced the arrest of Haruna Yokoyama, a 23-year-old employee at a soapland bathhouse, for allegedly threatening to kill an ostentatious female doctor two months ago.

A classic case of a cat fight, reports evening tabloid Nikkan Gendai (Nov. 27), which says the pair got into a tussle after attempting to win the affections of a night club host in the Kabukicho red-light district.

On September 10, Yokoyama allegedly posted a message on an Internet bulletin board saying she would murder Eriko Wakisaka, a 35-year-old doctor who often appears on television variety programs to speak about health-related topics.

“If you don’t commit suicide, it seems you’ll be killed,” wrote Yokoyama, who resides in Adachi Ward. “Your head will be cut off.”

“The two do not know each other,” a person close to the investigation tells the paper. “But Yokoyama, who works at a soapland in Kabukicho, had been diligently sponsoring a number-one host at a club when he appeared on television with Wakisaka, who is known for her fondness for hosts. She’ll go once or twice a week, dropping up to nine million yen in a night.”

According to Gendai, Wakisaka had spent 30 million yen on this particular host, and Yokoyama’s hand was forced.

“She has admitted to the allegations,” continues the aforementioned source, “but has remained silent as to her motive. Investigators are treating the crime to be the result of crazed jealousy.”

The paper wonders how Wakisaka has amassed such a large amount of money.

After graduating from Tokyo Women’s Medical University in 2003, she began working in the school’s anesthesia department. In 2011, she received an accreditation as an anesthesia specialist. The following year, she opened Rico Clinic in Meguro Ward.

Haruna Yokoyama
Haruna Yokoyama
A person affiliated with a Tokyo television station says that Wakisaka has subsequently garnered a positive reputation for her diligent work as an anesthesiologist — and her suggestive clothing choices.

“Her hair is dyed brown, and she wears a lot of showy stuff to flaunt her huge E-cup chest,” says the television insider. “She’s done well for herself on TV as a doctor who does not resemble a person from the medical profession.”

She routinely brags about making 50 million yen annually and her sexual history with some 800 men. (In a column for Gendai’s rival, Yukan Fuji, Wakisaka wrote about erectile dysfunction.)

“In working part-time as an anesthesiologist, she can make as much as 20 million yen per year alone,” says the insider. “But with about half of that going to hosts, it appears that, in the end, she has no savings.”

A wild life for a celebrity doctor that a soapland masseuse need not envy, suggests Nikkan Gendai.

Source: “Fuzoku jo ni kyohaku sa reta tarento joi wa hosuto ni hitoban 900 man-en,” Nikkan Gendai (Nov. 27, page 7)