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Idol to AV: Shoko Takahashi cashes in

AV label Muteki released the debut of Shoko Takahashi in May
AV label Muteki released the debut of Shoko Takahashi in May

TOKYO (TR) – For lack of a better phrase, it is referred to as “the incident.”

In September of last year, rumors began circulating online that then bikini idol Shoko Takasaki had engaged in prostitution.

The 23-year-old has since transitioned from the gravure biz to the adult video (AV) trade — and, according to Sports Hochi (Nov. 25), the shift has been highly rewarding, both financially and carnally.

“I’ve always liked sex. While working as an idol, I was covered by a bikini but I didn’t think there would be much difference being naked,” said the actress, who stars under the name Shoko Takahashi, on a TV Tokyo program on November 24. “I hadn’t had sex in two or three years — and my desire got steadily stronger…”

Takahashi made her AV debut for label Muteki in May. She admits that there was some “tension” during the filming, but that was eased somewhat since her male partner was a famous actor. “Of course, I knew him [from other AV productions],” she said.

As an idol, Takahashi earned around 140,000 yen each month, enough to cover rent and utility bills but not much else. Her case was not unusual: “My idol friends had acquaintances introduce them to sugar daddies,” she said.

Takahashi now regularly appears in AV productions for label Moodyz, such as in a role as a maid for a release that hits store shelves on December 9. She now earns millions of yen by working only a couple days a month. “I think this is due to me doing my best as an idol,” she said.