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‘No Bra-men’ gets Tokyo noodle joint bouncing

Shiori Tsukada and Mayu Kawai prior to the opening of 'No Bra-men'
Shiori Tsukada and Mayu Kawai prior to the opening of ‘No Bra-men’
TOKYO (TR) – Men showed up in droves outside Nobu ramen in Ikebukuro on a rainy Sunday morning to see busty adult video (AV) stars Shiori Tsukada and Mayu Kawai serve noodles braless.

Prior to the start of the event, dubbed “No Bra-men,” a line of about 40 customers stretched down the street. They had come together to share their passion for two things: noodles and boobs, as presented by adult channel Paradise TV.

“I came down because this is a good thing to do on a quiet Sunday,” one enthusiastic punter told The Tokyo Reporter. “Of course, I know the ladies, but the ramen is just as important for me.”

Customers paid 1,000 yen for a bowl of ramen on the day, and an extra 500 yen for a noodle refill. Each person in the store got around 20 minutes with the gals, who were attired in snug black tops and red bandanas. The event had a “noodles not canoodles” policy, meaning the men are there to look but not touch.

The owner of the noodle joint, Nobu Takahashi, said he had long thought that his store could offer more than ramen. “It seemed like a good idea to hold an event of this type in this space,” he said. “It’s nice and compact, so customers can get a good look at the gals as they get on with the no-bra cook-up.”

Though the limited conversation put a slight damper on the affair, the well-endowed forms of Atsukuda and Kawai, both of whom check in with chest sizes measuring at least 100 centimeters, seemed to satisfy the crowd.

By 11:30 a.m., the street outside was empty and the eight-seater store full. Organizers had handed out tickets to those in line with a time to return and get their meal. “Those at the end of the line now face a 90-minute wait,” said one organizer.

Owner Takahashi, meanwhile, hopes the buzz from the event helps to put his ramen joint on the map.