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Japan tourist boom gives rise to Tokyo sex service targeting foreigners

Yumi from Tokyo Hentai Club
Yumi from Tokyo Hentai Club

TOKYO (TR) – Picture this: It’s late and you’re out on the town in Tokyo. With more than a few drinks under your belt, you get the urge for a little female accompaniment. If you’re a gaijin, though, chances are fairly high that you’ll be turned away by a Japanese escort service.

But don’t despair, Tokyo Hentai Club, located in the heart of Shibuya, caters to non-Japanese customers of all stripes. THC specializes in introducing exquisite Japanese ladies to foreign gentlemen while its dedicated staff makes sure everything is drop-dead easy.

The service, which, it should be noted, is a sponsor of The Tokyo Reporter, was launched in January to capitalize on the recent increase in foreigners coming to Japan — in 2015, 19.73 million overseas tourists visited, a figure nearly 50 percent higher than the year before.

“We’re the only place that’s 100 percent foreigner-friendly with an in-call shop and we don’t service any Japanese people,” says THC manager Alexander at the company’s offices, which opened earlier this year. “Most of our clients are from the U.S. or Singapore and elsewhere in Southeast Asia.”

THC has about a dozen girls who’ll appear at the touch of a touch-screen — literally. At the reception desk in Dogenzaka, not far from Shibuya Station, customers can choose from a menu of ladies and services on a large display.

“We have two touch screens where customers can select their companions and a payment machine like you would see at gyudon shop like Matsuya to make it easier for tourists who don’t speak any Japanese,” says Alexander, referring to the popular beef bowl chain.

Once you’ve made your choices, simply pay by cash or credit and your escort will arrive in a matter of minutes, whisking you off to a nearby love hotel. Out-call services, in which an escort visits the customer at a hotel, are also available through the THC web site.

As the service’s name implies — hentai means perverted — THC offers gals, ranging from manga-eyed cuties to busty beauties, who provide services including everything from a threesome session to a golden shower.

THC is very open about its business; it runs a web site, and maintains Twitter (@tokyohentaiclub), Line and WeChat accounts. There’s even a YouTube video showing how to find the reception desk in Dogenzaka (see below).

Such openness may not be surprising considering that the provision of most sex services in Japan is completely legal. Under the 1956 Anti-Prostitution Law, the only act that’s banned is paying for vaginal penetration.

“Paying for full (sex) in Japan is illegal but anal is 100 percent legal and that’s a service we provide for 20,000 yen if our girls can do it,” Alexander adds with a smile. “It depends on size. Because we take all nationalities, obviously some races are bigger than others.”

In addition to a standard blow-job, customers at THC can experience sumata, the art of making a man ejaculate without vaginal penetration. A chart in the headquarters illustrates various techniques for rubbing a guy’s shaft. But, one wonders, do all the girls follow the law to the letter?

“Oh of course,” says Yumi, winking. The 21-year-old Tokyo-bred vixen looks stunning in a cream-colored mini-skirt and heels, but for a photo session she changes into crimson hot pants and a matching bustier.

“I really like chatting with customers — it’s like spending time with a boyfriend,” says Yumi, who studies English in her spare time in hopes of starting a different career in the U.S. one day.

Yumi comes across as a sweet, fun-loving gal who likes to please guys. While she never drinks on the job, she loves noshing on ramen and sushi and sometimes has a bite to eat with customers. Her services usually begin with a blow-job before a sensual bath, followed by fun in bed.

It is widely known that many “delivery health” or deri heru, services in Japan refuse foreigners as a matter of policy. THC, however, is specifically catering to the desires of the foreign customer.

One of the 2 touch screens at Tokyo Hentai Club
One of the 2 touch screens at Tokyo Hentai Club

“We’re interested in finding out more about what sort of Japanese girls foreigners find appealing,” says Tomo, the resident mama-san at THC, adding that cosplay outfits ranging from French maid to school girl uniforms are available depending on the clients’ fancy.

THC in-call services begin at 20,000 yen for 60 minutes or one shot; the love hotel fee of 3,000 to 5,000 yen is not included. Out-call services begin at 35,000 yen for 90 minutes with unlimited shots. That may be higher than paying for a good time in Southeast Asia but it’s very reasonable for Tokyo, where a night out at a hostess club or two hours at a soapland can run well over 50,000 yen.

“It’s like Japanese melons — you pay for good quality in Japan,” says Alexander. “There are cheaper options, like foreign streetwalkers in the Uguisudani area. Many tourists in Japan get sucked into dubious establishments with ties to foreign criminal gangs. We want to protect sex tourism and make it as safe as possible and ensure customers enjoy it so they’ll tell their friends back home and we can grow the business.”