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Company hopes Japan will go bananas for fruit-flavored potato chips

Koikeya released potato chips in 3 fruit flavors earlier this month
Snack maker Koikeya offers potato chips in 3 fruit flavors

TOKYO (TR) — Ever wanted your potato chips to taste more peachy? Probably not. But that has not stopped Japanese snack maker Koikeya from releasing three fruit flavors of potato chips.

Launched on May 18, the new chips come in banana and peach flavors. Another flavor, mikan orange, is being brought back to the market after an initial run in December. Koikeya says that it decided to develop the new chips after conducting market research.

“We saw that at breakfast time people were opting for foods such as pancakes and granola,” the company says. “The main reason for their popularity is that they go well with fruits.”

Noticing this, the company decided to make a snack that is both savory and fruity. “Along with bread, rice and granola, we want potato chips to become a fourth breakfast food,” the company says.

Twitter users are divided about the chips. “The banana chips taste like shit,” said one user. “Don’t eat them. I think I’m going to vomit.” Another was happier. “I think the new banana flavored chips are tasty,” she wrote. “When you want to eat potato chips though these might not be your first choice.”

This is not the first time for Japan to release snacks and drinks that raise eyebrows. Burger King’s black burger, carbonated coffee and hot ginger ale have all been released in recent years.