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Clampdown on fuzoku guide spots in Osaka

Evening tabloid Yukan Fuji (Apr. 2) is reporting on the reduction in navigation guide shops for fuzoku (sex-related) services in Osaka, a consequence of a revision to the local law.

Starting on the evening of April 1, an amendment to an ordinance banned booths that offer guidebook-type information on fashion health (blow-job) and soapland (brothel) operations. The same legislation also outlawed similar businesses touting kyabakura (hostess club) services that are within 100 meters of hospitals and schools. One of the reasons for the change is the fear that the proceeds from these businesses is being funneled into organized crime gangs.

That evening police officials patrolled the Hanka-gai Minami entertainment area to ensure that the new regulations were being followed.

Yukan Fuji reports that in November of last year 212 such guide shops were in existence. As of the end of March, there were 178. “Before the revision was enacted, a lot of these places waited until the last minute to close,” said a police official.

The news site notes, however, that while two out of three guide spots in the Soemoncho district of Chuo Ward were shuttered the police are fully aware that once their presence fades business will resume as usual.