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Chiba cops kill dog with 13 shots after attacks on people

Chiba police shot and killed a dog that had attacked a number of people on Monday
Chiba police shot and killed a dog that had attacked a number of people on Monday

CHIBA (TR) – Chiba Prefectural Police on Monday unloaded over a dozen bullets at a dog that had escaped from its owner and was attacking people in a residential area of Matsudo City.

At around 2 a.m., the dog, a Kishu breed named Million, bit a 23-year-old female resident, according to the Sankei Shimbun (Sep. 14). About 30 minutes later, Million, measuring about 120 centimeters in length and weighing around 21 kilograms, attacked its 71-year-old owner.

Three of the approximately 50 police officers that were later dispatched to locate the dog found it in the Minoridai area. After receiving permission from the owner, they then used pistols to shoot at it 13 times. It is not clear how many bullets struck the animal.

Both people bitten by the dog sustained light injuries. A man in his late teens came forward later in the day to report having been attacked by dog, and police are checking whether it was Million.

“There is a dog that looks like that living in this area,” said a member of the family of the teenager.

Million appears to have usually been kept in a room outside the house of the family. Often tied up, he was regularly heard snarling. On the property’s premises, a leash was found on Monday evening.

“You have to be careful regarding road safety in a residential area like this,” said one local resident. “You don’t expect to hear of this sort of incident around here.”

“At the present time, we feel the officers took the appropriate action,” a police official told the Mainichi Shimbun (Sep. 14).