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Tokyo: Ex-taxi driver nabbed again for stalking actress Momoko Kikuchi

Hiromitsu Iizuka
Hiromitsu Iizuka (Twitter)

TOKYO (TR) – Tokyo Metropolitan Police have re-arrested a 56-year-old former taxi driver for stalking actress Momoko Kikuchi, the apprehension is his second for harassing her this year, reports NHK (June 24).

At around 4:00 p.m. on June 19, Hiromitsu Iizuka allegedly went to the apartment complex of Kikuchi and attempted to reach her through the intercom, which is a violation of a court order issued following his first arrest.

Iizuka, who has been accused of violating the Stalker Control Law, admits to the allegations. “I knew it wasn’t the right thing to do, but I wanted to see her and used the intercom,” the suspect was quoted by the Ikebukuro Police Station.

Iizuka is believed to have learned the whereabouts of Kikuchi’s residence after driving her home last fall. Between December and March, he repeatedly visited the property of Kikuchi, attempting to reach her through the intercom.

After the stalking started, the agency of Kikuchi contacted police. This year, police issued a warning to the suspect.

On March 31, officers apprehended Iizuka after they noticed a post on Twitter from him in which he said that he was going to visit Kikuchi’s residence. A summary court then ordered him to pay a fine of 300,000 yen and stay away from the actress.

Kikuchi currently lives in another location. The most recent matter emerged on Saturday when she visited the residence and saw video footage showing the suspect at the intercom, police said.