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Tokyo uni gals offer hostess services at campus festivals

Jitsu Jiho Golden Sept.
Jitsu Jiho Golden Sept.

It was last year when I visited a well-known university in the Kokubunji area of Tokyo, says an anonymous contributor to monthly smut rag Jitsuwa Jiho Golden (Sept.).

An acquaintance, who is a writer, told me, “On-campus festivals are getting out of control. You should check one out.”

So I did just that.

Upon arrival, I could see many female college students filling the campus. Attired in special costumes, they were performing live music in provocative outfits.

One was able to easily peek at the cleavage of the girls working in the free market zone as their tops were wide in the chest area. Indeed, nothing will make a middle-aged man more excited than an amateur college girl acting suggestively.

Things took a dramatic change once the clock hit 3 p.m. That’s when the stalls began serving alcohol. The area took on the appearance of a bar district with about ten booths in operation.

It was then that I made an eye contact with a girl attired in a Chinese dress cut very high in the thigh area. “Welcome!” she said with a big smile.

I did not hesitate to enter her stall. If I were in a drinking district, I would be suspicious of such an approach but not in this environment.

“Let me have a beer,” I said.

A girl in a low-cit top then brought my order. She was solid from top to bottom, which got me a bit excited. Of course, that was her intention…

I then noticed that the beer was half foam, and on top of that I was charged 500 yen for it. Outrageous, I thought, but I didn’t say anything since she was a cute girl.

As I started to sip, the gal in the Chinese dress came over to sit down next to me. “May I have one also?”

I had to hold in my laughter. From the seat positioning to the request for a drink, such an approach is directly out of a kyabakura joint. It was such a bold move.

In any case, I wasn’t there to argue. “You actually work part-time at a hostess club, right?”

“I cannot tell you that.”

Of course, I’ll be there this year, too. (A.T.)

Source: “Gakuensai no mogiten de joshi daisei ga kyaba sekkyaku,” Jitsuwa Jiho Golden (September, page 106)