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Tokyo trends: Plucky pensioners picking up prostitutes with pay packets

Shukan Post Oct. 21
Shukan Post Oct. 21

Tokyo’s Yoshiwara district is known as the country’s largest soapland bathhouse area, offering a plethora of pleasures to please any punter, but exactly once every two months, reports weekly tabloid Shukan Post (Oct. 21), it’s filled with many grinning grandpas game to get it on.

Around the 15th day of even-numbered months, when pension checks are issued, the numerous bathhouses and bordellos that line the rectangular area’s streets become a playground for the so-called “Yoshiwara Nenkin-zoku,” or the Yoshiwara Pension Tribe.

The magazine believes that this is one example of how the below-the-belt fuzoku industry is targeting the older generation and giving up on younger, more “passive” men, or soshokukei danshi.

“Soaplands that open early remind one of a hospital lobby since they are filled with many older men,” says Akira Ikoma, the editor of a guide to men’s entertainment called Ore no Tabi (My Journey). “That is the case with a place in Ikebukuro, where you can feel-up a gal’s chest. You’ll see many seniors smiling as they enjoy fumbling with their hands.”

Jun Hayakawa, a manager of an out-call aroma therapy service called Precious, located in Ikebukuro, says that his clientele is generally comprised of men in their 50s, but there is also one octogenarian in the bunch. “Many are pension recipients,” the manager explains. “Some are even attempting to sponsor our girls by offering some cash each month, but discourage that kind of thing.”

Aging doesn’t mean that a man will lose his sex drive, Shukan Post assures. Rather, it means that he has more time and maybe a bit of cash — so it’s natural to go have some fun.

Shun Sakai, the owner of the out-call (deri heru) service named Submissive Housewives Living around Tokyu Lines, asks that customers be above 30 years of age. “I myself used to go to fashion health shops in Shibuya but it was uncomfortable,” the manager explains. “Many guys in their 20s will give you cold looks, wondering why a mature person is here to play. It makes it difficult to visit.”

Sakai opened his club six years ago. Ladies are sent to residences or hotels, which allows customers to not meet one another face to face. His clientele breaks down as follows: those in their 30s (5 percent), between 40 and 59 (57 percent), and remainder is represented by those 60 and above, with the highest reaching 75.

The older the customer, the cheaper the rates. For the basic 90-minute course, fees range between 23,000 and 25,000 yen.

Most ladies are in their 30s, which is not standard in Tokyo. “While most men tend to favor 20-year-olds, that is too low for conversation purposes,” Sakai says. “Some also will be concerned that the girls will actually be looking down on them. So, for a temporary date, a mature woman fits better.”

The manager adds that when a lady is bit out of shape it relaxes a man. “We tend to select amateur-looking gals since the image of a professional is not appealing to senior men,” he says.

In fact, a girl was told by a client that her blow-job skills were sub-par. However, this imperfection subsequently made her more appealing.

“The ladies are urban and come with class,” says “Isao Matsuda,” 64, a regular. “They are kind and full of warmth.”

When a lady arrives at a hotel, she’ll enjoy a chat with the customer for between 30 minutes and an hour. It is a must that he not ask private questions. They’ll then take a bath together.

“It has been five years since I’ve done it with my wife,” says Matsuda. “Since I am releasing my stress via these deri heru gals, I am getting better at becoming more sensitive to my spouse and female colleagues.”

He tells Shukan Post that just prior to the interview he had visited one such establishment.

“I want to go as long as my body allows me,” he smirks.

Source: “Rokuju-sai ijo muke fuzoku gyoretsu no dekiru mise,” Shukan Post (Oct. 21, page 134)