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Shibuya sex services offering ‘night crawling’ finding favor

Shukan Jitsuwa Sept. 18
Shukan Jitsuwa Sept. 18
If one looks up the term yobai in a Japanese-English dictionary, the phrase “visiting a woman under the cover of night” is returned.

Once referred to by The Tokyo Reporter as “night crawling,” the practice has had an enduring appeal among Japanese males over the centuries, so much so that it is provided at a select number of the nation’s image clubs (or imekura).

In Tokyo’s Shibuya entertainment area, such a service has been in firm demand.

“Recently, establishments in Shibuya have been garnering buzz on sex industry bulletin boards since their yobai services include honban,” a writer covering the fuzoku tells Shukan Jitsuwa (Sept. 18) in referring to a sex service that, we shall say, likely falls in a legal gray zone.

Naturally, the weekly magazine decides to dispatch a reporter to such an establishment, located in the Dogenzaka area, for the lowdown.

(The business is not named but a quick Google search reveals it to be Five A Heads.)

The shop offers a number of yobai courses, with prices beginning at 14,000 yen for 45 minutes. More comprehensive options, which can include the use of a blindfold, handcuffs and a costume, require an outlay of 28,000 yen and extend for at least one hour.

Naturally, Shukan Jitswa’s writer chooses the more extensive service at the shop’s information desk, and immediately leaves for a love hotel with a young, attractive masseuse resembling AKB48’s Yuki Kashiwagi.

Upon entry to the room, the writer heads to the shower solo. Meanwhile, his partner kills the lights and heads for the bed, whereupon she lays down on her side in seeming slumber.

The writer moves in gently. He immediately notes beneath her miniskirt a pair of sexy legs. He begins at her lovely nipples, giving them a nice lick.

“Ah, just like that,” she moans in a sweet, long breath.

The scribe then removes her panties. After a little foreplay receives a positive response, he goes for the gold.

Thereafter, the masseuse awakens in a daze. “What happened?” she says grinning from ear to ear. “I have no idea.”

The aforementioned fuzoku writer says that yobai services are all the rage in Shibuya nowadays, and certainly there is no shortage of options — Shibuya 0930 Shibuya Dogenzaka Jogakuen also offer such options.

“Fanatics are creating a new trend in Shibuya,” says the writer.

Source: “20-dai bijo to nama honban dekiru yobai purei fuzoku-ten ni Chin nyu!” Shukan Jitsuwa (Sept. 18, pages 215-216)