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Recession propelling impecunious punters to Otsuka’s ‘pink’ parlors

Shukan Asahi Geino Feb. 3
Shukan Asahi Geino Feb. 3

Japan’s ongoing recession is forcing Otsuka’s collection of adult clubs to drop prices, but maintain a sufficient supply of erotic services, drools Shukan Asahi Geino (Feb. 3).

Passing through the single ticket gate at JR Otuska Station, located in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward, and moving through the North Exit reveals a shopping street filled with what are referred to as “pink salons.”

“I was bit shocked by the high-quality girls available at pink salons in Otsuka,” explains Mantaro Kikko, a fuzoku writer. “You know what they say about Otsuka: ‘Get in, get out — and for less.'”

For the uninitiated, such an establishment supplies non-coital sexual services. Patrons will typically receive turns with three different ladies — referred to as hanabira kaiten, or literally flower petal rotation.

The tabloid reports that in Otsuka prices have fallen to a mere 2,000 yen for two rounds — a figure that a Tokyo Reporter staffer was able to verify at Fashion Club Hi Hi during a recent visit to the area (see photo below).

A girl who rendered services to the aforementioned journalist shared with him why she decided to work at a particular shop. “I used to work for a deri heru joint in Ikebukuro,” she says, referring to an out-call sex operation. “But there has been a major decline in customer numbers due to the recession. There would be days with no customers at all.

“Since I have payments to make, such as for rent,” she continues, “I cannot work jobs that pay only 980 yen per hour. While this shop in Otsuka is cheap, they offer an hourly base wage. So a minimum is secured. That is the part I find attractive. You cannot beat the recession. So it is important to secure income of some kind.”

A different club charges 3,000 yen for 30 minutes and gainfully employs a 25-year-old married gal.

Her motive for working here? “Of course it is the money,” she explains. “My hubby’s income is not enough to buy what I want. Plus it pays better than regular part-time jobs.

Fashion Club Hi Hi outside the Kita Guchi Exit of JR Otsuka Station
Fashion Club Hi Hi near JR Otsuka Station

“There is also a low risk that I’ll run into someone I know since this is Otsuka,” she adds. “Giving a blow-job to my hubby doesn’t give me money, but here I can earn something, maybe something decent.”

Likely things will only improve for the district, claims Akira Ikoma, editor-in-chief of Ore no Tabi (My Journey), a fuzoku trade magazine whose content is based on actual erotic experiences.

“Besides salaried workers, babyboomers, who are set to start receiving pension money, will boost visits here,” the editor explains. “It will not be too long before this area will be called, ‘Harajuku for Dads.'” (K.N.)

Source: “Otsuka pinsaro chitai ga ‘shin iyashi supotto’ ni natte iru!” Shukan Asahi Geino (Feb. 3, pages 184-186)