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Japan’s ‘guerrilla’ hookers providing sex on wheels

Spa! Apr. 1
Spa! Apr. 1

A year ago, weekly tabloid Spa! introduced its readership to a type of prostitution in which hookers, posing as insurance agents, visit the homes of single men in hopes of making a sale.

In its Apr. 1 issue the magazine says that there have been various types of “guerrilla” hooking operations that run their businesses on a basis referred to as “en deri” — a shortened version of enjo kosai (compensated dating) and “delivery health.” But just as one emerges, the authorities initiate a crackdown.

The most recent variation is dubbed “vehicle style,” in which prostitutes patrol roadside parking areas frequented by truck drivers.

“For in-car action, the going rate is between 15,000 and 20,000 yen for 30 minutes,” says a former worker in the trade. “There are a lot of truck drivers willing to pay that for full sex.”

The girls are not passive, approaching the drivers in their vehicles at will, with action commencing behind the curtain inside the cab.

The brokered price depends on one thing. “In a single word: looks,” says the aforementioned former employee. “The most cute girls will garner 20,000 yen. It goes down from there.”

According to Spa!, business is bustling in parking areas along expressways in the Kanto area and neighboring prefectures. (An added wrinkle includes gals trolling outside convenience stores, whereby guys are invited to take a ride, so to speak, in a station wagon parked in a nearby lot.)

The insider, however, says that the trade is due for a crackdown. The sight of showy gals coming and going, tapping on truck windows while guys are napping, will eventually catch the eye of law enforcement.

Source: “’Kosokudoro baishun no jittai’ genba wo totta!” Spa! (Apr. 1, pages 28-29)