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Japan tourist boom boosting fortunes for Tokyo ‘delivery health’ service

Tokyo Style
Out-call service Tokyo Style is benefiting from the recent surge in foreign tourists arriving in the capital

TOKYO (TR) – Though not likely to be endorsed by the Japan National Tourism Organization, so-called “delivery health” service Tokyo Style, which targets overseas visitors, has seen a surge in clients in recent months.

“Business has been booming,” beamed the male manager of the erotic massage service from its headquarters, located near JR Ikebukuro Station, on an evening late last month.

The reason is simple: Tokyo Style, which is sponsoring The Tokyo Reporter this month, has benefited from the recent increase in foreign tourists arriving in the capital. And with the Olympic Games approaching, the out-call service has dreams for the future.

According to the JNTO, the number of foreign visitors coming to Japan over the first 10 months of the year reached 23.79 million, an increase of 18 percent over the same period one year ago.

“We are getting high-end customers from the U.S., Europe, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore,” the manager said.

Line and WhatsApp

On any given weekday evening, the manager and two other male personnel take phone calls from customers and manage social media accounts as electronic music pulses in the background inside the control room at the headquarters.

About 70 percent of the reservations for the roughly 20 ladies on the roster of Tokyo Style, known as “therapists,” are made by telephone. The others come via the smartphone, including through Line and WhatsApp.

In running down what he expects from one of his female employees, the manager says, perhaps surprisingly, that the first quality she must possess is common sense in knowing how to treat a customer.

“Second, she has to be beautiful, or maybe not beautiful, depending on fetishes,” he said with a grin. “Third, a good body is a plus.”

Body wash followed by an oil massage

As outlined on the service’s web site, a customer will select a masseuse from who is available on that given day. She will then arrive at his hotel. A typical treatment as supplied by the masseuse, who will be topless, will begin with a body wash followed by an oil massage. The service culminates with a hand- or blow-job.

Saki of Tokyo Style
Saki of Tokyo Style

Sex services in Japan are known to turn away foreign clientele. For Tokyo Style, overseas customers are more than welcome, largely because they behave like gentlemen, according to the manager.

“They treat the girls like goddesses,” said the manager. When pushed for an explanation, he added, “Well, they tend to take care of the girls, asking them whether they are comfortable. They also show concern. For example, one might say, ‘What types of things will you not do?'”

One point of confusion in dealing with foreign customers is that honban, or full sex, is not provided. Under Japan’s Anti-Prostitution Law, delivery health services like Tokyo Style are permitted to provide sex services as long as they are non-coital.

“On the phone, we might have to explain that we do not provide full sex if there is any confusion,” the manager said.

With the Olympic Games arriving in Tokyo in three years, the manager is looking to continue to improve his business. Two months ago, a special menu was introduced that allows for such added services as deep kissing and face-sitting.

“I’ve got a few other ideas,” the manager said with a chuckle.

Note: Services at Tokyo Style begin at 27,000 yen for the first 75 minutes.