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How come some hookers fall head over heels for their Johns?

“From long ago, it was always said that a female sex worker will give her body to a customer, but never her heart. In other words, through the process of self control, they refrain from falling in love with their Johns.”

Uso ka, makoto ka (A lie, or the truth)?

It’s Monday again, and that means time for another installment of Yoru no sekai no toshi densetsu (Urban legends of the world of the night), where Nikkan Gendai (Dec. 18) confirms or debunks controversial topics related to the sex trade.

Hambun wa uso (Half of it’s untrue),” said the manager of a soapland (erotic bathhouse) in Tokyo. “When a woman kisses a man, it’s possible for her to be overcome by her feelings.

“This is why soap ladies refrain in principle from kissing customers,” he continued, saying, “But after several sessions with a customer who becomes a regular, their resistance dissipates, and they might even initiate the kiss themselves. Their feelings start to warm and they actually enjoy the sexual act. It’s a common pattern for the girls to hint to a customer for a date outside the shop, and their customers may become their lovers.”

Of course in these cases, the way the customer’s penis fits is important.

“Sex workers who have sensitive G-spots are particularly fond of shafts with a curved shape,” said a veteran writer covering the “pink” trade. “Women who obtain more feeling from contact with their vaginal internal walls have a pronounced preference for penises with proportionally larger heads.

“I’ve heard about half the girls in the profession tell me, ‘When I’m getting plugged with the kind of penis I like, my butt will start to twitch and I’ll completely forget that I’m supposed to be on the job.'” (K.S.)

Source: “Fuuzokujo wa kyaku ni horenai?” Nikkan Gendai (Dec. 18, page 24)