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Housewife hooked on host club hunks amasses debilitating debt

Josei Seven Mar. 3
Josei Seven Mar. 3
TOKYO (TR) – A mother of two has confessed to women’s rag Josei Seven (Mar. 3) that she has racked up 3 million yen in debts at a host club over the past eight years.

“At first I went to play with friends during the daytime,” says tells the weekly tabloid. “It was like an expensive lunch. But since I was being pampered by guys dolled up in the Johnny’s theme” — referring to the popular talent agency Johnny’s Jimusho — “I became addicted.”

She continued the visits during the daytime, when her husband and children (one in elementary school, the other in high school) were outside the house. In one month, she would spend around 600,000 yen a month.

“I started using savings and money for the children’s education,” she continues. “I then borrowed 3 million yen from consumer finance companies. At first I was able to keep going by covering it with my husband’s bonus. However, last year’s new legal regulations have prevented me from borrowing further. I was stuck.”

Thus far, she has only been able to pay the interest on the loans. The principal remains outstanding.

“I don’t talk to my husband about the debts,” she says. “The reason of course is that it’s embarrassing. Plus, I know that a part-time job won’t help much.”

The only choice left, she figured, was to work during the daytime at a fuzoku joint, which is a sex business.

“Of course, there was an internal conflict within myself about this,” she continues. “But I started working last year during the summer on a part-time basis. At present, I can repay between 10,000 yen and 25,000 yen four times each month.”

Her oldest son still has one year to go before entering university.

“By then I need to repay all of my debt,” she says, “as well as that which I took from the savings designated for his education and our savings…”