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Details emerge about prostitution at Toyota ryokan

Shukan Jitsuwa Dec. 11
Shukan Jitsuwa Dec. 11

On November 10, Aichi Prefectural Police busted ryokan Toriko, located in Toyota City, for providing prostitutes to guests earlier this year.

According to Shukan Jitsuwa (Dec. 1), local residents are stunned by the development — because it was a popular service.

“Since it was easy to have a good time with a young girl, it is a shame that it got shut down,” says a middle-aged man living in the area. “I enjoyed using it about once a month.”

Officers arrested manager Kotaro Atsumi, 53, for allegedly offering “pink companion” plans that included the provision of prostitutes (with two being 17 years of age) between February 2 and July 12.

The 12-room inn is located near a popular waterfall and provides an expansive open-air hot bath area to go with a large banquet facility.

“For the companions, a customer can arrange between one and four girls,” says a regular. “It is not cheap. On weekdays, two hours runs 28,000 yen, while on days right around holidays that figure goes up to over 40,000 yen.”

Special arrangements can be made should a guest wish to stay overnight.

“This place has young gals on its books,” continues the aforementioned source, “and since the number of customers had noticeably increased, the police took action.”

According to police, Atsumi, who has been charged with violating anti-prostitution and adult-entertainment laws, has admitted to the allegations, saying that he was forced to offer the plans due to a decline in income.

Companions at Toriko
Companions at Toriko in 2003

In October, police arrested Shingo Tahara, the 40-year-old the manager of a “delivery health” out-call sex service, on charges of prostitution. During the investigation, Atsumi’s name surfaced.

A writer covering the fuzoku trade, which is commercial sex, tells the magazine that the existence of the services had been well known.

“Recently, its reputation on the Internet grew, with customers visiting from all over the country,” says the writer. “The young girls were like jewels, and that brought in the repeaters.”

Source: “Tekihatsu Aichi onsen yado konpanion no ninki buri,” Shukan Jitsuwa (Dec. 11, page 193)